tetrahydropyrone is used as a characteristic introduction

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tetrahydropyrone has been used as a moderately polar aprotic solvent for chemical reactions and extraction. tetrahydropyrone is a colorless, low-viscosity liquid with a smell similar to ether. tetrahydropyrone is partially miscible with water at room temperature. tetrahydropyrone tends to become peroxide when stored. So the commercial tetrahydropyrone is often done with BHT, 2, 6-di-tert-butylp-cresol, to prevent oxidation. tetrahydropyrone can be stored in a sealed bottle in a dark place using sodium hydroxide.

tetrahydropyrone is a clear and colorless liquid. It smells of ether. It is an important organic chemical and fine chemical raw material, widely used in resin solvent (tape coating, PVC surface coating, cleaning PVC reactor, removal of PVC film, cellophane coating, plastic printing ink, thermoplastic polyurethane coating); Reaction solvents (form reagents, alkyl and aryl alkali metal compounds, aluminium and boron hydrides, steroidal compounds and macromolecular organic polymers); Chemical intermediates (polymerization to PTMEG, natural gas flavoring agent); Chromatographic solvent (gel permeation chromatography).

tetrahydropyrone has the characteristics of low toxicity, low boiling point and good fluidity.

tetrahydropyrone https://www.clentpharma.com/Tetrahydropyrone.html