How can I prevent the removal of the gps tracker 5 year battery?

gps tracker 5 year battery


In recent years, car rental industry has emerged in large numbers, and presents an unstoppable development trend. Mainly because the leasing industry is a sunrise industry, but there are also difficult to control the risk. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of cars, car rental companies often install car locators on cars. In the auto industry, gps tracker 5 year battery can be said to be a sharp tool to reduce automobile risks, but also an essential anti-theft positioning device, especially in vehicle management and vehicle anti-theft plays a very important role.

However, the pain point of the car rental industry is the removal of the installed gps tracker 5 year battery. How to prevent the removal of the gps tracker 5 year battery is a problem that the car rental industry has been considering.

1. You can choose the anti-demolition gps tracker 5 year battery. As long as someone removes the gps tracker battery for 5 years and destroys the gps line, then the car cannot be used properly, adding to the difficulty of removing the device when it is artificially damaged.

2. Choose a gps tracker 5 year battery with backup power. When the external power supply is damaged, the standby power supply can still work continuously for tracking and positioning, and the standby power supply will upload the alarm information of the external power supply damage to the monitoring platform

3. The installation position should be hidden, and the equipment should be installed in a place that is not easy to find.

4. After the gps is removed, the tracking and playback function of the monitoring platform can be used to expedite the discovery of vehicles in the first time.

5, if conditions permit, can install two or more car gps tracker battery 5 year, wired and wireless installation. After removing one, the thief will be relaxed, then will not look for the other gps tracker 5 year battery. Even if it did, it would take time to find and dismantle it, so the cost would double.

gps tracker 5 year battery