Summarize the design and calculation flow of the manufacturer of welding and cutting dust products

manufacturer of welding and cutting dust products

The resistance of the manufacturer of welding and cutting dust products refers to the resistance produced by the gas from the dust collector population to the dust collector inlet. The basic structure is composed of centrifugal fan, dust removal box, dust collector, filter bag (filter cylinder) and microcomputer controller, etc. The dust is sucked into the dust collector box by the negative pressure of the fan through the dust suction pipe. The coarse particles are filtered by the filter first and fall directly to the dust collector by gravity and air flow, and the fine particles are captured by the filter on the outer surface. The clean gas flows into the clean room after filtration, decomposition and purification through the filter element, and is discharged from the outlet by the fan. The whole process of dust removal and filtration is a result of gravity, inertia force, collision, electrostatic adsorption, screening and other comprehensive effects.

Summarize the design and calculation process of the manufacturer of welding and cutting dust products:

1. Select the correct design wind speed in the main loop pipe through calculation and economic analysis, and design the pipe diameter and pressure loss value of each pipe in the main loop.

2. Calculate the pressure loss of each branch loop (pipe section) by setting the flow rate, calculating the pipe diameter in reverse and calculating the wind pressure loss, and calculate the wind pressure balance rate of the main and branch loops at the joint node: η= (main loop pressure loss - branch loop pressure loss)/main loop pressure loss ×1 If η is within 10%, the calculation results are accepted. Otherwise, adjust the design wind speed and pipe diameter to calculate the balance of wind pressure until η reaches the design goal.

Iii. Draw a sketch of pipe network. In order to facilitate calculation, node number and calculation parameters such as air volume, pipe length and local resistance coefficient of each pipe section can be indicated on the sketch.

Four, analyze the structural characteristics of the pipe network, and establish the combination relationship of each loop. Starting from the main loop (i.e. the less favorable loop), the relevant calculation parameters of each pipe section are filled into the calculation table of air duct design in the order of "main and secondary".

manufacturer of welding and cutting dust products skeleton according to the dust collector of different forms, also divided into different forms and installation, the spring skeleton used in single dust collector is generally installed in the upper part of the dust collector, the dust bag is installed, Then the workers enter the box of the single precipitator and fix the hooks below the spring skeleton in turn, which is convenient to install. The spring skeleton has the flexibility, because the single precipitator is limited by the indoor space, the top of the single precipitator has no space to replace the dust skeleton, so the spring skeleton or (splice) multi-section dust skeleton is used in the design, the spring skeleton is easier to transport.

When the manufacturer of welding and cutting dust products is working normally, the dusty gas enters the ash bucket through the air intake. Due to the rapid expansion of the gas volume, some coarse dust particles fall into the ash bucket due to inertia or natural settlement and other reasons, and most of the rest dust particles rise into the bag room with the air flow. After being filtered by the dust removal filter bag, the dust particles are retained on the outside of the filter bag, and the purified gas enters the upper cabinet from the inside of the filter bag, and then drains into the atmosphere through the valve plate hole and the exhaust outlet, so as to achieve the purpose of dust removal. With the continuous filtration, the dust collector resistance also rises. When the resistance reaches the value, the dust cleaning controller issues the dust cleaning command, and first closes the lifting valve plate to cut off the filter air flow; Then, the cleaning controller sends a signal to the electromagnetic pulse valve. With the electromagnetic pulse valve, the high-pressure reverse air flow used for cleaning is sent into the bag, and the dust bag bulges and produces strong shaking, resulting in the dust on the outside of the bag shaking off, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Since the equipment is divided into several box areas, the above process is carried out box by box. When one box area is cleaned, the other box areas are still working normally, and the continuous normal operation of the equipment is normal. The reason why it can deal with dust, the key is that this strong cleaning time is short (only 01~0.2s for a spray).

There are many kinds of manufacturer of welding and cutting dust products. Therefore, the selection calculation is particularly important. Improper selection, such as too large equipment, will cause unnecessary flow cost. Single-machine dust collector is a small single-machine dust collector used for dust control in cement plant. In order to meet the market demand of single precipitator, and to meet the demand of small air volume and small space, the single precipitator produced can save the cost of users, and has been running in the dust removal system of many cement factories, foundries and ceramics factories.

manufacturer of welding and cutting dust products