Not able to see your account after Bank of America Login

Bank of America is an investment bank that provides various financial services such as Asset management, wealth management, private equity, mutual funds, credit cards, mortgage loans, equities trading, insurance, private equity, and many other services.
Bank of America was established

  • You can now deposit any cheque you receive by clicking its picture after the Bank of America Login using its mobile application.
  • Get customized alerts on your mobile phone via text messages or email. You can set alerts for low account balances or pending payments.
  • Using budgeting tools will help you to plan your purchases accordingly.
  • A faster way to do Bank of America Login is by using your fingerprints.
  • Provides you protection against fraudulent transactions in case your car has been stolen or misplaced. 
  • Lock your credit and debit card instantly if you lost the card accidentally.

In this blog, we will discuss the situations why would a bank close your account suddenly without any prior notice.

Reasons for Your Account Closing

Given below is a list of the reasons why your account has been closed:


  • Excess Bounced Checks or Overdraft Balance


When none of the checks passes through your account because of insufficient balance and it keeps on repeating then in this case bank will temporarily close your account.

Or there might be some overdraft balance in your account


  • Convicted Criminal


If you were convicted as a criminal in the past but did not disclose this information to the bank during the time of opening the account and the bank, later on, gets to know about it then the bank might close your account. 


  • Risky Business Operation


Bank will close your account if it thinks that the business activity you perform could be risky for everyone else Like dealing in guns, gambling, etc.


  • Location Change of Bank


If suddenly the bank branch in which you have an account decides that they will reallocate that branch to some other area or decides to shut off its services entirely from that particular state then the bank will close your account.


  • Exceeds transfer limits


In banks, there are certain limits up to which the user can do transactions between a certain type of account. And if you exceed that limit the bank might close your account and check your transactions. 


  • Identity Theft


If according to the bank, there has been any identity theft in your account then as a result your bank will be closed.


  • Suspicious Transactions


There might be some doubt in the bank regarding your transactions such as that it might be money laundering or is earned from any illegal source, or if there are deposits and withdrawals of large amounts of money on daily basis. And to check and report this bank will close your account. 

Summing it Up

In this blog, we discussed the reasons that after you perform Bank of America login activity on your application and then you are not able to use your account because it is closed. Hope this blog, helped you realize your errors so that you can try to rectify it and reactivate your account.