News Date :01/16/2023

How to choose a reliable online casino for real money

How to choose a reliable online casino for real money


The popularity of online casinos continues to grow at a rapid pace. This applies both to the global market as a whole and to its segment in the post-Soviet space. Literally every day there are new online casinos that offer fast payouts, generous bonuses with favorable conditions, games from various manufacturers. But not all of these gaming platforms are trustworthy for players. In this article, we will consider all the important criteria that you need to consider in order to choose an honest site. For more info, you can visit Elarabcoin.

How scammers cheat gamblers

First of all, you should be aware of the schemes that dishonest gaming establishments use. The most common options include:

- Use of pirated content with incorrect settings. The actual value of RTP in games may not even reach 50-60%, although the "industry standard" is about 90-95%. Thus, about half of all betting money goes to the casino.


- Account blocking without further explanation. If the user manages to win a large amount, he may be denied payment under any pretext and simply block access to his personal account.

- Creation of sites that do not pay winnings at all. Some fraudulent online casinos motivate the player to make a deposit, and then immediately block or delete his account.

So, the player must find a reliable casino without letting himself be deceived. Therefore, the choice of a gaming platform should be taken as responsibly as possible, do not rush to make large deposits, carefully study all the features of the institution before proceeding to register an account.

5 Criteria for Online Casino Reliability

You can evaluate the reliability and security of the gaming platform by the signs listed below:

- Design and interface. Developing a high-quality website with a good design and user-friendly interface involves serious costs. If the casino site meets this criterion, then its owner is aimed at long-term work in the online gambling market. One-day sites and obviously fraudulent resources look like they “come from” the 2000s, their usability wants to be better.

- License. Gambling commissions carefully check the sites that make license requests. Only the best online casinos that meet high requirements receive licenses from reputable regulators.

- Software. There are many companies on the market that have been cooperating with the best online casinos for many years: Microgaming, NetEnt, Aristocrat, Betsoft, Novomatic and some others. The presence of their games testifies to the reliability of the gaming platform. Additional confirmation are certificates from independent organizations that check the quality of games.


- Financial transactions. The more options of payment instruments an online casino supports, the higher the likelihood of its honesty. Many payment systems cooperate only with accredited organizations.

- Technical support. The presence of a support section is a prerequisite for the operation of an honest online casino. Specialists should be available 24/7 via e-mail and online chats. The most reliable establishments also offer a hotline number. You should check the quality of support work before making a deposit.

By evaluating an online casino for each of the above points, we can draw conclusions about whether the site is really reliable and honest. Interesting in Bitcoin betting? Visit our website for more info.

Should you trust the reviews?

Casino reviews can be positive or negative (occasionally neutral). Since many establishments spend huge amounts of money on advertising campaigns, some of the money can go to buy reviews. Even negative reviews can turn out to be fictitious if they were ordered by a dishonest competitor. Therefore, reviews are not an important criterion for evaluating the reliability of a gaming platform.

Experienced gamblers recommend paying attention to the following aspects:

- Output speed (ideally should be instant).

- Availability of Live Casino section.

- Long work in the market and a large audience of users.

There are sites on the Internet created by player communities that form online casino ratings. The information on these sites is useful to anyone who wants to protect themselves from choosing a dishonest establishment owned by scammers.