News Date :01/14/2023

Your best bet for earning Pirate Coins

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Although it's not considered as "Lost Ark Gold" in the traditional MMO sense it is a good idea to complete as many Island Quests possible in order to maximize your Pirate Coin earnings potential. There is nothing like Island Quests for speed, efficiency, and easiest methods to earn the most Pirate Coins as possible.On that subject, you'll want to keep your eyes open for the beginning on the first day of Procyon's Compass event, which awards players with extra Pirate Coins for completing special tasks that are associated with Field Bosses, Ghost Ships, Chaos Gate activities, and Island Quests. It's definitely worth going out of your option to take part in this event when it's available to you.

Beyond that, your best bet for earning Pirate Coins is to complete Marine Events whenever they appear and as quickly as you can. They're the best source of Pirate Coins once the Islands Quest reservoir is empty. The same goes for Una's tasks: both daily and weekly events, which can often reward you with quite plenty of important Pirate Coins. Like Procyon's Compass, taking advantage of these opportunities means scheduling your work in a way that allows you to take advantage of them whenever you can.

It's not an issue in the event that you fail to catch one here every now and then, nevertheless, it might be wise to devote certain Lost Ark sessions to acquiring the most Pirate Coins as possible so that you don't have to fret about earning lesser quantities of them throughout the normal course of play.You are also able to find Pirate Coins while fishing, but the rewards earned from that event aren't consistent and there doesn't seem to be a method to beat to manipulate the RNG system. As such, I wouldn't recommend prioritizing the fishing activity over another except Lost Ark Gold for sale when you decide to concentrate on fishing for some reason.