Top Cost Influencers of All on 4 Dental Implants in Phoenix

If you are seeking detailed information regarding all 4 dental implant costs in Phoenix, then learn the major cost influencers of all 4 dental implants.


The bigger the procedure, the greater is always its price. I often used to wonder why there's much hype about all on 4 dental implant costs Phoenix when it's just a dental implant treatment for fixing tooth loss.

After thorough research and learning about the insights of this extended procedure, it concludes that certain factors are responsible for influencing the price of this dental implants Phoenix.

Read this enlightening article till the end, you will learn what makes this dental procedure so pricey. Let’s dive in.

What Factors Influence All on 4 Dental Implants Cost Phoenix  ?


Factor # 1 – The Geographical Location

The location matters a lot in influencing price of any dental treatment. Whether you are in New York City, Arizona, or any place known for luxury living, you will eventually find high prices for every commercial service.

In places like Phoenix, or Scottsdale, a different cost of living is associated with it. Secondly, it also depends on how many doctors are available in that area where your required dental treatment is available. So, if any reputable dental clinic or dentist offers dental treatment, it's obvious to charge a high price.

We all know this monopoly rule, according to which price drops when supply is high. In certain places, many dentists are offering this service; the price would be lower. In fact, there could be a greater price difference of $20,000 - $40,000 per arch.

Factor # 2 – One Provider vs. Two

Another considerable factor influencing all-on-4 dental implant costs in Phoenix is the two doctors' or single-doctor approach. This means that traditionally there’s been a surgeon, a periodontist, or an oral surgeon who does the surgery, which is considered phase one.

The second phase is, having a general doctor, either a prosthodontist or a general dentist, do the therapeutic work or build the final device. This is one of the biggest things that affect the price of a dental implant, as when you have two doctors, that increases the feed and so the cost.

Factor # 3 – Doctor’s Experience Level

Every dentist has a good heart as they need to do well. Still, what matters the most is how experienced a dentist is. The more often you do something repeatedly, the more natural it becomes. A reliable and experienced dentist has done great crowns, fillings, and root canals.

Only a few doctors can do that on that level of quality and care in general dentistry, and are also able to spend the time in education and experience in doing full mouth implant dentistry for all. The experience of dentist also counts in any kind of dental implant procedure.

Factor # 4 – Numbers Types of Implants

How do the types of implants used and the number used affect the price? Not every case is the same, depending on the patient's bone density, the patient level of infection in their mouth, and the skeletal features in the patient's mouth.

All these require certain types of implants, and certain implants cost more. Also, there are premium brand implants, and there are lower brand implants. Some implants are inserted into the zygoma bones; these are more expansive than regular implants.

This is why the procedure is done with all 4 implants rather than 6, as the latter can be more expensive.

Factor # 5 – Lab Work Where implantImplant Goes?

Do the patients choose their implants or dentists order implants? After consultation, the doctors pick out implants, the number and the type of implants, and decide what materials should be used to make implants.

There also come devices and bridges that are built using different materials. Here what is critical is, choosing a lab that is experienced in making crowns and all on 4 dental implants Phoenix. The lab work also counts in influencing all 4 dental implants cost.

How Much Do ALL ON 4 DENTAL IMPLANTS COST Phoenix Currently?

The All-On-4 implant treatment is centered on teams. The dentist who creates your new smile and the surgeon who installs the implants supporting your new teeth will be involved in this process.

Each arch costs between $27,000 and $32,000. Typically, $12-15,000 of this is paid to the surgeon (which covers the procedure and the implants), and $15-17,000 is given to the dentist (which includes all of the laboratory fees to make your new teeth and all associated dental appointments during the process).


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