Be a servant girl in the Red Chamber

"Hm?" Gao Feng looked at the stage, at this time I saw a man in a blue Taoist robe went up, and then nodded


Jiang Wanyin reported to the fourth Master and then sent Bayara's mother and son away. After sending Bayara's mother and son away, Jiang Wanyin went to thank the fourth Master again. My concubine, Lord Shebele, is very kind. "Get up.". If you really thank me, you can take good care of my children in the future. After knowing that Li had neglected Hong Yun, the fourth Master paid more attention to his children, and the servants who had neglected Hong Yun were all dealt with by the fourth Master. They are also the children of the concubine, and the concubine will naturally take good care of them. There is no need for the fourth Master to tell him. Suddenly Jiang Wanyin thought of Sifujin again. Master, does Fujin know about finding my concubine's family? "I didn't mention it to Fujin." The fourth Master couldn't tell anyone before he found out about it. Can the concubine personally report the matter to Fujin? Think of four Fujin Jiang Wanyin can not help but worry. Now she and Fu Jin live in harmony, in addition to she saved Hong Hui in Fu Jin help, but also because of her low birth threat to the four Fu Jin. If Sifujin knew that she was born in the Yellow Banner of the Manchu Army and was also the daughter of the Manchu Army Banner, and that she was the daughter of the Third Grade Association, would Sifujin feel that she threatened her and broke their harmonious feelings before. Jiang Wanyin hopes to personally go and say this to Sifujin, explain well with Sifujin, let Sifujin believe that her mother and son will not threaten Sifujin and Honghui. The fourth Master thought for a moment and said: "You go first." 350 After listening to Jiang Wanyin's report, after listening to Jiang Wanyin's strange life experience, Sifujin was shocked and looked at Jiang Wanyang for a long time. After the shock,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, it was more of a precaution. In the past, Jiang Wanyin was born to be favored, but her family background was too low. Although Sifujin treated Jiang Wanyin very well on the surface, in fact, she looked down on her because of her family background. She felt that Jiang Wanyin, who was born in a humble family, could not make waves even if she was spoiled again. It is precisely because of this idea,Heme Iron Polypeptide, so before the four Fujin will promote Jiang Wanyin and Li's fight, between Jiang Wanyin and Li's favor of Jiang Wanyang. But now, the real life experience of Jiang Wanyin, who thought she had a low family background, was the highest among all the wives and concubines in Sibeilefu except Sifujin, and she was also the daughter of one of the three grades. You should know that although Sifujin was born tall, since the death of Sifujin Ama, the brothers of Sifujin's family do not have official positions above the fourth grade. If we talk about it now, Sifujin's family background is not as good as Jiang Wanyin's. Before Jiang Wanyin is a son with a pet without family background, but now Jiang Wanyin is a son with a pet and family background is not low, with Jiang Manyin's birth and fertility, this side of the position of Fujin is not run away. Once Jiang Wanyin was given the title of Side Fujin, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Sex Enhancement Powder, the status of Jiang Wanyin and her five children in Sibeilefu would rise. At the beginning is only the Han army flag born Li Shi because have son have pet let four FuJin feel threatened, more what is now the full army inlaid yellow flag born have son have pet is about to become side FuJin Jiang Wanyin, that is not more let four FuJin feel threatened. After knowing Jiang Wanyin's life experience, at this moment, Si Fujin regretted suppressing Li Shi in his heart, and regretted proposing to seal Fujin for Jiang Wanyin. At this time is already set in stone side Fujin's Jiang Shi, has the son to have the pet to have the status, even if she again Li will support, afraid is not able to contend with Jiang Shi. But besides Li Shi, who else in this house can compete with Jiang Shi. Four Fujin looked at Jiang Wanyin, his eyes and mood were very complicated. After Jiang Wanyin finished speaking, she had not seen Sifujin speak for a long time, and felt that Sifujin's eyes had been staying on her. Fujin? Jiang Wanyin called out to Sifujin. Her legs are numb after kneeling for a long time. Uh Awakened by Jiang Wanyin's voice, Sifujin came to his senses. Now, Sister Jiang, you recognize your ancestors and reunite with your relatives. Ben Fujin would like to congratulate you. Although Sifujin's name for Jiang Wanyin remained unchanged, she called herself Benfujin, and Jiang Wanyin still felt that Sifujin was on guard against her. Jiang Wanyin did not want to fall out with Sifujin, otherwise she would not have chosen to personally report the matter to Sifujin and explain it to Sifujin. Fu Jin, what I said is from the bottom of my heart. I have no intention to oppose you. My concubine has been sheltered by you since she entered the mansion. My concubine is sincerely grateful to you. "It is too early to say.". ” Sifujin obviously did not believe Jiang Wanyin's words. Fujin.. "Sister Jiang, get up. In the future, Sister Jiang will be on the side of Fujin. Don't always kneel down." Four Fujin interrupted Jiang Wanyin's words, and she mentioned the side after Fujin. Side Fujin? Jiang Wanyin, who did not know this at all, did not expect to look up at Sifujin in shock. The younger sister is now the daughter of the third grade leader of the Manchu Army with a yellow flag, and she has contributed to the birth of children for Lord Baylor. The first side of the four Baylor Mansions is none other than your younger sister. Seeing Jiang Wanyin's shocked face, Sifujin said with a smile that there was no way to know what Sifujin thought in his heart. This kind of thing is not what my concubine says. Everything is up to you and Lord Baylor. No matter what the result is, my concubine is grateful to you and Lord Baylor. Jiang Wanyin got up and said. Although Jiang Wanyin did not know that the fourth Master had asked her to seal the side of Fujin, but now that the four Fujin mentioned it, Jiang Wanyin thought before and after that she also knew in her heart that if there was no accident, the position of Fujin on this side would be in her pocket. But even thought of Jiang Wanyin did not show pride and joy, still respectful. Although Jiang Wanyin repeatedly assured Sifujin, Sifujin obviously did not believe and did not want to continue the topic. Ben Fujin is tired. You go back first. "Yes, my concubine." Jiang Wanyin retreated respectfully, leaving only Sifujin and her confidant Mammy Wula in the room. Mammy, I regret it. The first thing Sifu Jin said after Jiang Wanyin left. If I had known that, I would rather be Li than Jiang. Li Shi is only the daughter of a minor official from the fifth grade of the Han army flag. Even if she becomes a side Fujin, her identity and family background will not make waves. And Li Shi is old, the appearance is not as good as before,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, even if the favor can be favored for a few more years. But Jiang Shi is different, Jiang Shi is young and beautiful and can also be born, the original lack of family background is now filled.