The vase God is a rookie

"Hm?" Gao Feng looked at the stage, at this time I saw a man in a blue Taoist robe went up, and then nodded


Hua Duoduo listens to this world to shout, hurriedly clicked on the official to have a look, this does not look good, a look really wants to vomit blood. In the headline of the latest official news, there is a huge propaganda poster, which reads: New Wulin, New Atmosphere. Click on a look, the above said a bunch of polite official tone, in a word, in order to make Wulin develop more steadily in the future, at the request of the majority of players (this is pure fart) to raise the level limit to 120, equipment can be strengthened and upgraded. Returning to the game, the world began a craze for scolding the victory company. [World] You are so gentle: Mom, a B, a hundred level of equipment, a hundred and five level of equipment, generally speaking, it costs five hundred yuan, isn't this equipment going to cost three or four thousand yuan? He's working for Victory Company, and he wants to make money from us again. [World] Aries: What's your ghost name? You can use earth beads to equip yourself. The success rate is still 30%. You have to use dzi beads to equip yourself with a full set of equipment. The success rate of dzi beads is only 15%. Who is more unlucky? [World] You are so gentle: The Great God of the Wind has plenty of money,Serum Bottle With Dropper, millions can be charged, but still care about so little money? [World] wants to go up everyday: Come on, everybody did not play this game, who can be able to play without RMB player? Besides, I want to join the district, and I want to join the district with my rival. I can stand it. Let's pack up and leave. So the world agreed to pack up and leave. Hua Duoduo thought to herself, what did the great God of her family think? [Private Chat] Hua Duoduo: Husband, what do you think of this announcement? [Private Chat] Feng Shi: Listen to the truth or lie? [Private chat] Hua Duoduo:-_-# Nonsense. [Private Chat] Feng Shi: Nonsense is no idea. [Private Chat] Hua Duoduo: o () o What if everyone is gone? Are we still playing? [Private Chat] Feng Pian: The louder these people shout,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, the more they don't want to go. They just complain and face it with a normal heart. Hua Duoduo thought that there was no reason for this. It's just that she suddenly has a question in her mind. How long will she play this game? As long as the school approves and the parents sign, she can go abroad, and she will play this game when she goes abroad? Apparently not. She went abroad to study, and she would never ruin her bright future. Only Is it too much for her to leave so irresponsibly? In this way, the flowers have a little guilt. [Private Chat] Hua Duoduo: Husband, I have something to say to you. [Private chat] Wind passing: (^ ◎ ^) [Private Chat] Hua Duoduo: If I don't play this game and leave you and the child, will you think I am very bad? [Private Chat] Feng Pian: No. Flowers see these two words, not to mention how heartwarming the heart, there is a little bit touched. [Private Chat] Feng Pian: Pregnant women are not suitable for playing games. [Private Chat] Hua Duoduo:?? [Private Chat] Feng Shi: I will retire with you. Hua Duoduo couldn't understand what he said, so she could only send an ellipsis. At this time, Xu Huanhuan came back from the outside, carrying a big chicken leg in his hand, sitting on the computer desk with a face of impatience, and began to gnaw. Hua Duoduo did not eat dinner, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Amber Dropper Bottles, smell the smell of air holes all over the body, want to absorb more, good solution to satisfy cravings. She couldn't help turning around to see Xu Huanhuan, and saw that she was eating with relish and her stomach was crying even more. Huanhuan, why don't you bring me a drumstick? My bastard bought it for me. The school canteen launched a new set meal today, the KFC model. There are a lot of people in line. Hua Duoduo is almost drooling at the corners of her mouth. She loves to eat KFC, usually dislikes KFC too far, inertia is greater than appetite, generally rarely to steal food. Today, the restaurant also made this western fast food, and the flowers began to stir. Xu Huanhuan saw the flower blossoms, saw her eager to try, hurriedly said: "For Gu Jingfeng, you have to endure, your figure ah..." Hua Duoduo swallowed saliva, Gu Jingfeng's handsome appearance emerged in his mind, trying to emerge, trying to emerge. She wanted to kill her appetite with beauty, but it happened that Gu Jingfeng's head turned into a big chicken leg, and she was really angry. o(﹏)o In the game, Hua Duoduo sent a message to the Great God of the Wind. She threw such a sentence to Xu Huanhuan and rushed to the canteen. She said, "I will eat one." On the computer screen, Hua Duoduo left a private chat for the Great God of the Wind. [Private Chat] Hua Duoduo: I will go to the canteen to eat a chicken leg and then come back. [Private Chat] Feng Pian: = _ = Fat like a little fragrant pig, still eating. It's a pity that the flowers are not at the computer desk. This new package is really awesome. An Orleans chicken leg for five bucks? Hua Duoduo held ten yuan in her hand. She had planned to eat a chicken leg. In order to prevent eating too much, she brought ten yuan. Now the drumstick is only five yuan, and it would be strange if she didn't buy two. She boldly squandered the only ten yuan in her hand, carrying two big chicken legs ready to go back to the dormitory to eat. As soon as she stepped out of the canteen and marched toward the dormitory, she didn't want to happen to meet Gu Jingfeng, who was coming to the canteen. He was looking at her with a smile on his face. However, the flowers have no face at all, just want to find a crack in the ground to drill down. What a coincidence? Gu Jingfeng is smiling. Hua Duoduo lowered her head and looked like a slave. "Yes, yes, what a coincidence." Her heart was already full of tears, and she knew that the chicken legs in her hands were in danger. Gu Jingfeng glanced at the transparent bag she was carrying, saw two chicken legs inside, frowned, "isn't it losing weight?"? Why do you eat so much? The flowers did not know how to answer, and finally had a flash of inspiration, "I bought it for Huanhuan." "Hm?" Gu Jingfeng's mouth curved into a little arc, smiling like a fox, "just called you, just Xu Huanhuan answered, she said you came down to buy chicken legs to eat." Hua Duoduo suddenly surprised, immediately want to cry without tears, this lie also exposed too fast. She gritted her teeth and immediately said flatteringly, "Are you hungry? Please eat a drumstick." Gu Jingfeng says: "Hey,30ml Dropper Bottle, professor Smith says to want to eat drumstick..." Before he had finished speaking, Hua Duoduo handed the bag directly to Gu Jingfeng and said with a sorrowful face, "The one left is filial to Professor Smith." 。