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Sou Shen Ji

Original title: What kind of drill bit should be used for rotary drilling rigs in different formations? It is completely


The woman chuckled and said, "Good man, don't move. These charming people are so mean that they will kill you if you are not careful." The fragrant wind blew on my face, and a pretty face came into my eyes. Colorful scarf wrapped around the head, pearl shell swaying, melon seed face, willow eyebrows, eyes like a curved moon, smiling at Tuo Ba Ye, left hand slender fingers gently wrapped around the head hanging belt, but it is a beautiful beauty who has never met before. Tuo Ba ambition in a Rin, once heard Chiyou said, in the Great Wilderness, some barbarians are ferocious and slippery, extremely difficult to deal with, the Northern Wilderness Charm is one of them. Although these little monsters are thin and small, they are like dwarfs, but they are fierce and fierce by nature, and they will be reported. When they go crazy, the Heavenly King Lao Tzu doesn't care. They feed on the insects of the northern wilderness, which are extremely poisonous, and the white silk they spit out is tough, which is their first weapon to hunt and kill the enemy. He was so eager to see Yu Shi's concubine that when he was not careful, the boat capsized in the sewer and fell into the way of these spirits. He was both funny and annoyed. He laughed and said, "The girl's words are really funny. Can these little monsters sting people to death?" The charms were furious, their black faces were red, their eyes almost bulged out, they screamed, and dozens of swords plunged into him. Tuo Ba Ye laughed, and the sea beads in his abdomen whirled rapidly, and the blue light broke the body in full bloom. All the charming people and monsters cried out repeatedly, and they were thrown around by his True Qi, and they hit the walls and fainted one after another. As soon as Tuo Ba Ye's arms vibrated, his body took advantage of the situation to spin sharply in the opposite direction. In an instant, he turned hundreds of times. Suddenly, he jumped out of the white silk, turned over in a spiral, and stood firmly in the carriage. Looking around, there were more than twenty women sitting in the opposite corner of the carriage, curled up and trembling, looking at him timidly. Their wrists and ankles were locked with thick chains of black ice, tinkling crisply. At first glance, there was no rain concubine he missed day and night. He was greatly disappointed in his heart. With a cry of surprise, the woman clasped her hands and said with a giggle, "What a handsome skill!"! It's really a rare beauty. No wonder the Dragon Lady is willing to die for you! When Tuo Ba Ye heard this, he blurted out, "What did you say?" The crescent moon looked around and whispered mysteriously, "Don't you know?"? Dragon Lady Rain's concubine has been given to death for disobeying the true God of the candle for you! Chapter II The Stone of Three Lives Tuo Ba wild ears, as if by Jiao Lei split, a blank in the brain, suddenly stepped back a few steps, stunned and silent. Suddenly she laughed and said, "Witch, are you trying to trick me again?" The woman said with a smiling face, "Lord Ju Ying never deceives people, and I don't want to deceive such a handsome and good man as you." He chuckled and said, Warehouse storage racks , "What's more, like you, they all have the word'wild '." Tuoba ambition in a Rin, it turned out that this woman was listed in the "Great Wilderness Ten Enchantments" of the seven of the Northern Wilderness Ju Ying country Lord Ousi's wild! The country of Ju Ying is a rather mysterious small country in the Northern Wilderness. The people of the country wear colorful scarves on their heads and like to wrap their fingers around the hanging hat tassels. Because there are many poisonous insects hidden in the colorful scarf wrapped around the head, every time he drags the hat tassel, he will release the poison and kill people invisibly. This Osizhiye was originally a nameless abandoned baby. When King Ju Ying passed by the wild mulberry tree in the northern wilderness, he was surprised to see her abandoned in the wilderness, laughing instead of crying. He also saw that she was ice and snow lovely, and liked her very much, so he took her as his adopted daughter and named her Osizhiye. This girl has a beautiful face and a smile like a flower. Her heart is as poisonous as a snake and scorpion. When she was thirteen years old, she killed countless people. Her magic and poison are almost equal to those of Yan Zisu, a nine-tailed fox. Later, because of the failure of competing for favor with the concubine of the Dragon Lady Rain Master, he was given a two-headed concubine by the God of Candle, and became the favorite slave concubine of Lao Zu. It is said that most of the evil ways of the two-headed ancestor to abuse and kill people come from her cherry mouth. This woman hated Yu Shi's concubine deeply, so the news of Yu Shi's concubine's death came from her mouth, which may not be credible. Just now they must have seen themselves playing the "Song of the Golden Stone Cracking the Waves" and guessed their identity, so they said this, so that they were in a mess and were captured. Think of here, tuo pull ambition in a little. Nian Li swept, but his whole body was not poisoned. He laughed and said, "I took off my clothes and ran wild. Is the king the same?" She had played such a joke in her own name when she was separated from Yu Shi's concubine, and now she suddenly remembered that her heart was sore. "I thought you were a good boy, but I didn't think you were also a frivolous boy," she spat. ” He winked at him and said in a dumb voice, "Little goat, since you want to take off my clothes and run wild, I'll do what you want." As soon as the plain hand pulls out, the clothes belt flies, the colorful clothes like the cloud flutters, stands naked in the eye which pulls out the wild one just. Tuo Ba Ye was taken aback and turned his head away. Listen to hurriedly "Chi Chi" exciting sound, innumerable sharp anger shoot and come. "Under the great awe of the heart, the anger is born at will, and the spirit is released." "Puff" light sound, thousands of hidden weapons, fine needles hit the green protective body light arc immediately rebounded out of all directions, "aggressive" sound, one after another shot through the hard wall of the carriage. More than a dozen charms were still in a coma, suddenly poisoned by a needle, and their bodies suddenly became as dark as coke, bleeding from seven orifices, and instantly turned into a pool of pus. "Be a good girl," said Oushiye with a smile. "Let your sister hug you." The figure flashed quickly, the colorful mist was dancing around, and countless hidden weapons were shooting in the dense rain, or whirling and dancing, or following like shadows, attacking and attacking in an endless manner toward Tuo Ba Ye. Tuo Ba Ye had no intention of dealing with her, and suddenly turned to the sea God beads and laughed. Colorful fog dispersed, dense needles flowed backwards, and strong True Qi exploded, echoing like thunder in the carriage. All the girls cried at the end, and immediately fainted. With a cry of "ouch", the wild of Ousi flew backwards, with its slender feet swinging upside down, and hooked on the beam on the top of the box. Her naked white body trembled slightly. She patted her chest and gasped for breath. "You're a bad man," she said. "You don't have any pity for her!" Tuo Ba Ye ignored it and strode forward, turning over all the women in the car one by one to check their appearance. Ouse's wild eyes rolled and he said with a smile, "One.." Two Three Down! Tuo Ba Ye suddenly felt a faint and was greatly frightened. He suddenly concentrated his mind, and the flow of True Qi suppressed the sense of paralysis and drowsiness. After a moment, Fang Fu was as sober as before. The moment exhaled a foul breath, did not look at her, continue to look for the rain concubine.