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Iron rider Jin Ge

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Nangong Pengfei smiled faintly and said, "I don't mind helping you in a fight. I'm the elder of the Beggars' Sect. Why not?" As he unsheathed his sword, he said, "I also want to cut off the arms of the two men at the gate of your castle, and wipe out the enmity. After that, we will be friends and enemies. It's up to you." He knew that he could not convince Lei Zhenzi that what he said was true without revealing his amazing martial arts, and that the Beggars' Sect would not be able to raise its head from now on if he did not regain face with the Beggars' Sect. Before Lei Zhenzi answered, a pair of masters of Fenglei Fort rushed to Nangong Pengfei. The golden blade split the air and attacked several heavy holes. Nangong Pengfei sneered, and the iron sword flashed, only to hear the sound of clanging. The two men of Fenglei Fort fell to the ground. That pair of wind thunder fort master wears seven money big holes on each point of the long gown on the chest, only the difference of corn makes people and ghosts different paths, can not help but pale. Nangong Pengfei floated away and said, "Heaven has the virtue of loving life. I can't bear to cut off your arms. I just put on some clothes to show a slight punishment." Lei Zhenzi's mind was so fierce that he felt that Nangong Peng flew out of the sword so fast, and that his sword moves were so strange that he could not help but be stunned. Suddenly he saw an old beggar with unkempt hair and dirty clothes flying over and landing in front of Lei Zhenzi. He folded his fists and said, "Lord Leibao, could you take a step forward and give me a secret in front of him?" Lei Zhenzi hesitated and nodded. "Please come with the old beggar,Industrial pallet rack, Lord," said the old beggar. Then he went to the gate of the quadrangle. Before Laohuazi approached the gate, he turned around and stopped. Lei Zhenzi came one after another. Laohuazi said, "There is a saying that it is better to resolve an enmity than to settle it. Why should we fight each other and fight to the death? Lord Leibao, your son has been plotted against by Ding Dajiang. Apart from this elder of our gang, there is no other person who can solve it. He has recently learned the solution to all kinds of poisons in the world." "Really?" Lei Zhenzi asked in astonishment. Laohuazi said with a smile,warehouse rack manufacturer, "It's a good intention to be poor, and the two sides must have an indissoluble enmity. Why should we fight to the death? In fact, with real martial arts, the Lord of Leibao may not be able to win. If it's called mother and son Leizhu, the Lord of Leibao will know if you take a closer look at the hands of our brothers." When Lei Zhenzi heard this, he was startled. He saw that many members of the Beggars' Sect were holding mother-son thunder beads in their hands. He said, "Thank you for telling me. I have a great sense of virtue. I will report to you later." As soon as he saw his figure jump up, the lightning fell in front of Nangong Pengfei. He folded his fists and said, "The son of a dog is wounded by poison. If he is rescued, all the people in our castle are willing to wait for advice." Nangong Pengfei said with a smile, "I dare not. Your son can send you here. But I have no idea where I am now. I advise the castle owner to return to your castle as soon as possible. If you don't find out the mole, Pallet rack supplier ,Pallet rack beams, I'm afraid it will lead to a big change." The voice can only be heard by Lei Zhenzi, who dares to fear the wind and hear it under the door of Leibao, so he uses ant language to transmit the voice. Lei Zhenzi was shocked. "Thank you for your advice," he replied with folded fists. Nangong Pengfei added, "The leaders of all the major sects in Wulin are plotting to wipe out Feng Yi. Feng Yi is not far away. I will inform the castle owner to go." The voice gurgled, and then said: "If the castle master believes that what I said is right, he will send all the people under the gate of Waiguibao to return to the castle. This trip of the deputy castle master will be doomed.." He also narrated that he found Sang Zhensan and Xia Bocheng passing by on the way, and that Xia Bocheng and Xuanyuan Biao were both defeated. Lei Zhenzi was frightened and talked with Nangong Pengfei in a low voice for a long time. Feng Leibao saw two people's lips moving frequently, but did not hear the voice, but from the face to see has turned enemies into friends. But Wen Nangong Pengfei said, "Forgive me for not seeing you off." Lei Zhenzi folded his fists and shouted, "Go!" The figure rushed into the air, and in a twinkling of an eye. Nangong Pengfei felt relieved and asked the Beggars' Sect to say a few words. He walked out and returned to his home outside the Little Red Gate. When he entered the garden, he heard the melodious sound of the piano in the Water Pavilion and the graceful singing. He could not help but stop and listen: "The green water is flat and the flowers are rotten." Take a photo of red makeup Turn to the weeping poplar bank After parting, deep feelings will be broken. Meet and add people's nostalgia The wadding is light, the silk is soft, and there is no tie. The smoke provoked the wind. And into the confusion of spring. And the voice of tears trembled again. Walk as far as you can. ” Nangong Pengfei was stunned by the soul-stirring singing. It was obvious that he was not the daughter of Cui Xiangrong, Yu Cui'e, and Huang Fengzhu. He frowned secretly and said, "Who is this?" I heard the song rise again: Move the green poplar and plant it in the backyard. Learn to dance the official waist February is still short. No more than Baling. Broken silk and disorderly wadding on the east and west bank Several times the small eyebrow is cold Don't sing the sun It's really a broken intestine. Distribution and spring break Take a closer look at the Tiao Tiao, which is full of resentment. Nangong Pengfei was so full of doubts that he really couldn't hear anyone singing. "Shaoxia, can't you tell who it is?" He asked with a slight laugh? It's really a noble man who forgets things. Nangong Pengfei looked away and saw Wei Yunsong. He was overjoyed and hurried forward to salute him. Wei Yunsong hurriedly said, "The old man has no time to exchange pleasantries. He has brought a letter from your teacher to Shaoxia. The song in the Water Pavilion is the sisters Zhou Suzhen and Zhou Suzhu that Shaoxia saved in Jinling." Then he added with a smile, "The old man has already seen the two girls, Cui and Yu. He needs to rush to the outside of the pass, so he can't stay for a while. Let's meet again on the way back." The sound falls and people rise and go like birds, quickly without a trace. Nangong Pengfei could not help but feel greatly annoyed. He steeled himself and walked into the water pavilion, only to see Cui Xiangrong, Yu Cui'e, Huang Fengzhu, and the five daughters of Zhou Suzhen and Zhou Suzhu talking happily with each other. As soon as they saw Nangong Pengfei come in, Yingying stood up, smiling, apricot like a flower, only the eyes of the Zhou sisters showed the color of hidden bitterness. Nangong Pengfei was an honest gentleman. Now that the Chou sisters had come, they were guests in his house. How could they refuse people thousands of miles away? "How is your mother?" She asked with a smile. Chou Su-chen replied in a shy voice, "My mother has a rough body to protect her. Why don't you come here?"? My mother often asked about the childe and told the foolish sisters not to forget the great virtue of the childe. Nangong Pengfei said,Pallet rack upright, "a little thing is not worth mentioning." "Do you know?" Asked Cui Xiangrong? The two girls come here every ten days to inquire about your father and your mother's happiness and peace, and they are deeply loved by your mother. "Why didn't I know?" Asked Nangong Pengfei. Yu Cui'e said with a charming smile, "Do you still need to know this little thing?" 。