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You You You You

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"Good!"! OK! Ha ha ha Requirements have been met, Zhu Yu laughed happily, can eat such delicious food every day, is indeed a great enjoyment of life. Zhu Xin and Zhu Jiuquan are surprised to look at Youyou, such a simple sentence, this can be called the world's first food craft casually passed on to others, this is too unbelievable! Lei Bafang is very calm about this, and is not worried about the peerless cooking skills of the Dragon Kingdom. Lei Bafang now has a bottom in his heart for Youyou's way of dealing with people. As long as Youyou thinks you are his friend, to his friends, Youyou never hides anything, not to mention his relatives. It seems that in the eyes of Youyou, there is no distinction between high and low people. Zhu Yu begged Youyou to be a grandfather in the morning is an example. A few days ago, he bought a goblin and another example. He mixed with Jin Dapang and other chefs is another example. He is not a relative and is better than a relative. In addition to the origin of Youyou, Youyou seems to be a perfect person. If you ever want to eat the dishes I cook with my own hands, then come to Shicheng in the Dragon Country to find me! Youyou suggested with a smile. When Zhu Yu heard this, he was slightly stupefied. He immediately said with a smile, "Good!"! You should walk around! But I have a solution! Youyou immediately took over and said, "Do you want me to open a branch of Youyou Tavern in Huadu?" "Ha ha ha, yes!" Zhu Yu to swim the reaction astute sigh unceasingly, just said a head,Narrow aisle rack, immediately understood own meaning, this swim if really is own grandson good. You opened the oil tavern is not to make money, with your oil tavern chef's skills, as well as this steamed bun feast, you can definitely spend a lot of money! The people in Huadu are very rich! Zhu Yu began to abduct Youyou. Hee hee, Grandpa Emperor, don't worry! I will definitely come to Huadu to open a branch, not only in Huadu,Narrow aisle rack, but also in every country in the whole divine realm! The more Youyou said, the more excited he became: "Not only is there an oil tavern in the divine realm, but I will also open the oil tavern to the magic realm!" "Good!" Zhu Yu patted the table and shouted loudly: "You You, good ambition, I support you!"! Drive the tavern to the Demon Land! Zhu Xin and Zhu Jiu and Lei Bafang three people looked at the old and young, two people in high spirits talking about the future, this oil tavern has not yet had a branch, but two people have been fantasizing about the scene of the oil tavern opening in the magic domain. Can not help but all shake their heads and sigh in their hearts, how many chefs are needed to open oil taverns in various countries of the divine realm? How many hands? How much money? If all this is not calculated, even if a branch is opened in the divine realm, is it so easy to open in the magic realm? After the war between gods and demons, the two realms of gods and demons do not communicate with each other. Even if there are contacts, they are also facing each other with swords and guns. Can a famous tavern in the realm of gods settle down in the realm of demons? If it succeeds, it must be called a legend! Myth! Miracle! "Good!"! That's all right! I want this world, heavy duty racking system ,radio shuttle racking, no matter the divine realm or the magic realm, where there is a city, there is an oil tavern! Youyou got Zhu Yu's approval, and all of a sudden the mood became even higher. As soon as this word was spoken, Zhu Xin and others sighed and shook their heads in their hearts. The cow seemed to be blowing bigger and bigger. It was a myth to drive to the Demon Domain, and it was even more a myth to drive to every city! There are only forty-five countries in the Divine Land, and Youyou only needs to open forty-four more branches to fulfill its dream of spreading all over the Divine Land. But how many cities are there in the whole divine realm? In the Kingdom of God alone, there are more than 200 cities and towns, and countless villages and towns. By analogy, how many people will have to join the oil tavern? An astronomical figure! Zhu Yu and Youyou two people are in high spirits, Youyou's ambition, Zhu Yu does not feel abrupt, only feel that life is to have such ideals, aspirations! I'm not afraid I can't do it, but I'm afraid I can't think of it. One old and one young, you look at me, I look at you, after a few glances, all have a tacit understanding of laughter, it seems that the tavern has come to the world, the magic world. The first day of the cooking contest ended smoothly, leaving the people of Huadu with good memories and swollen stomachs. After they were full, they were looking forward to the start of the next contest. On the match day, the population of the outer city of Huadu is not allowed to enter the inner city, and no one knows about the craze set off by the Dragon Country Cuisine Troupe in the inner city. On the second day of the competition, the sun had just climbed into the sky from the horizon, and various versions of rumors had begun to spread among the crowd. After a while, the whole flower, inside and outside, was all the same topic. The food of the Dragon Country will be the champion of this year's cooking. At the beginning of the competition, the result of the competition was already known to everyone. The luxurious dinner in the inner city was legendary. A dinner was full of steamed buns. The emperor, the empress and the princes ate twenty steamed buns but did not enjoy it. This kind of delicious food is not the best in the world. Is there any better food than this? Twenty steamed stuffed buns, piled on a plate, as high as a hill, are not the amount of food that ordinary people can eat! After the rumors spread all over the streets and alleys, people all over the city knew that the cooking delegation of the Dragon Country had become the uncrowned king of this cooking contest, and it was only a matter of time before they won the championship. The sun rises higher and higher, and the sun rises three poles. The small building where the cooking delegation of the Dragon Country lives is quiet. It is the third time that the shopkeeper of Wanhuaju has gone to the small building to see thunder or swim, but every time it is blocked by thunder and lightning. The reason is very simple. They are all sleeping. Please don't disturb them. Little Shunzi, you keep an eye on me there, keep an eye on me, and call me as soon as there is any movement! After the shopkeeper returned to the counter helplessly, he summoned a waiter and ordered. Shopkeeper, you can rest assured! I work for Xiao Shunzi, you can rest assured! "Wait,Cantilever Storage rack, go to the kitchen and ask the chefs to prepare the best breakfast in Wanhuaju, and they will deliver it as soon as they get up!" The shopkeeper suddenly stopped Xiao Shunzi and ordered him to come. Yes! Shopkeeper! As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Shunzi immediately trotted to the kitchen and disappeared in front of the shopkeeper.