PS 2021 "Custom Shapes" How do I add an "old version" shape? _ Other

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Originally published as PS2021 "Custom shapes" How do I add "old version" shapes? Hello, everyone, here is the design of picking up leaves. In the past few days, many small partners have obtained the "PS2021" version, custom tape measure , but when many small partners use the "custom shape" of "PS2021", they find that the old version of the shape can not be found, so they have sorted out the next method, let's learn together ~ 01) First of all, open the custom shape settings, and you will find that there is no option of "old shape and others"; Original tab has no old version shapes There is no shape in the setting. 02) Select the "Window" tab in the "Menu Bar" and click "Shape"; Position of Shapes in the Window tab Expand the full text 03) Click the three bars "≡" on the top right in the "Shape" window, find "Old Shape and Others" and select it; Location of Legacy Shapes and More in the Shapes Window Tab 04) At this point our old version shape is added. Options for Legacy Shapes and More in the Shapes Window Tab Options for Legacy Shapes and More in the Custom Shapes Window Tab Application demonstration of "Legacy Shapes and Others" in the Custom Shapes window tab That's how PS 2021 "Custom Shapes" adds "Old Version" shapes? The way If you have any questions, you can harass at any time ~ In the wind and rain, we are waiting for you here! Want to know more exciting content, come and pay attention to "Leaf Picking Design" and return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.