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Emperor Qianlong Volume II Sunset Empty Mountain

It is said that if you know your enemy and know yourself, you will win every battle. She's a woman after all. This is the meat of the mouth, ask her to go to Henan to eat, also unbearable.


It is said that if you know your enemy and know yourself, you will win every battle. She's a woman after all. This is the meat of the mouth, ask her to go to Henan to eat, also unbearable. Besides, the dart cart can't pass Laohekou, and she's not sure. Li Wei felt a little dizzy. He closed his eyes and said slowly, "I thought.." When Yanqing went this time, the most important thing was to take people, not to look for silver. I don't think Gao Ye and the local officials in Handan may think so. Perhaps the most urgent thing for them is to take out the silver and explain it to the court. Therefore, Yanqing you have to grasp, where the silver can not be buried. People, but will go! 'Yizhihua 'Is not a person without ability, she is more shrewd than other thieves. I'm sure I'll go back to find her roots. At this point, his face was pale, he gasped a few times and coughed up a mouthful of phlegm feebly. Yuqian hurriedly brought a towel to wait on him. Liu Tongxun's black and red face darkened more heavily. His heart was sour and hot, and tears almost came to his eyes. "You're too tired today," he said in a slightly stiff voice. I know everything. If you have anything to say, I'll come back before I leave. Li Wei smiled and said, "Yan Qing is a great man and a real man. How can he be such a mother-in-law?" Today is a good time for me to Pure Brightness my mind. Next time you come, I'll be in a coma, so why don't you take it to the coffin? Listen to me, perhaps at this moment'a flower 'has come to his senses and fled to Henan! So please pay attention to the Sixth Master, and there should be some arrangements in Henan. Fu Heng and Liu Tongxun are not in the same mood. He has been worried that Gao Heng, a playboy, is incompetent and is driven away by a flower. After listening to Li Wei's words, he was even more moved and admired, and praised him, saying, "I think deeply and carefully.". I have issued a draft to seal off all the main ferries leading to Henan. Luoyang,ghana seed extract, Mianchi, Yanshi, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng have all added troops. Nanyang has transferred three thousand Green Battalion soldiers to control Funiu Mountain and Tongbai Mountain. It is very difficult for her to return to her'roots'. Even if she goes back, it will be difficult for her to stand. "I'm going to say that." After listening to Fu Heng's words, Li Wei shook his head gently, "To cure theft is to cure the root cause." How much does it cost to transfer so many troops, calculated at thirty taels of silver per person? He used the silver to buy grain to relieve the poor people in Funiu and Tongbai, which saved trouble and gained a good reputation. Sixth Master.. Cui and I have been begging for food for four years. We are so hungry that we have never had the heart to rebel as a thief. Mountain people. With one or two pieces of silver in his waist, he felt more secure than the owner of the rice shop in the city. Then he said to Yuqian, "Take the painting that Old Huang brought and give it to the Sixth Master." Yuqian hurriedly promised to take a scroll from the top of the cabinet. Fu Heng took it over and looked at it. It was about a foot and a half long. It was obviously a banner. Wrapped in the yellow silk of the Ming Dynasty, Fu Heng dared not open it. "Is it a tribute?" He asked. "Ten years ago, I accompanied Shizong to see the picture of farming and mulberry in the summer resort, and now the emperor is also there, saying that such a good painting is rare.". The year before last, when I was in Huangshicheng, jujube seed powder ,akba boswellic acid, I accompanied the emperor to look at the painting, which was a picture of the migration of the hungry people. The emperor cried when he saw it. This is a painting by Li Qiushan that I've been looking for. It's called "Chickens Waiting to Be Fed." It hasn't been presented yet. Sixth Master wants to watch it. Open it and have a look. "I dare not." Fu Heng said. He took out his pocket watch and looked at it. "I have to go in now. Heng Chen Xianggong is waiting to see you together!"! If the emperor wants to see it, naturally I can accompany him to watch it, so that he won't be rude. "Well," said Liu Tongxun, "I'm going too. I'll come and see you the next day. Be careful, don't worry about eating, and don't think about getting sick. I have no other orders. Old Huang, let's go back to the Yamen together and explain some details. I'll pass the sign to the emperor. You go back and get ready. You'll have to go on your way tomorrow morning. Say, three people slowly back out. Only Li Wei, Cui Er and Yu Qian were left in the room. None of them spoke. It was as quiet as an ancient temple. Only Li Wei's uneven breathing was heard. Cuier handed the fan to Yuqian and motioned her to give Li Wei a cool fan. She stared blankly at her husband, who had suffered all her life. She opened her mouth several times to scold him that he shouldn't have been so tired and swallowed it back. Have a cup of tea to call, and Huang Qiaoer call, really nice to hear-the village is going to harvest wheat. "I don't know how long it took, but Li Wei's eyes flashed and he looked out of the window at the thick green smoke and willows. Then he closed them feebly and murmured," The beggar is gone, and the dog is gone.. It's going to turn into a pile of mud. "What are you talking about?" With tears in her eyes, Cui Er said, "Don't bother, God, you have a long life. Don't forget your nickname'ghosts are not entangled '!" "Yes.." What Madame said was. Li Wei's voice was clear and weak, as if it came from far away, "but I'm Yongzheng's dog, I miss me, I should go and go." I'm a dog. "Don't think about it." "Well." Li Wei paused and called again, "Yuqian..." "Well.." "Remember the song?" "Which song?" "The song sung by Yijihua." “…… Remember "Sing, sing, lower your voice." Li Wei said, "I want to hear it.". Madame likes to hear it, too. Yuqian's tears rolled down. Seeing Cui's tearful nod, she bowed her head and promised, "Yes!" Sitting beside Li Wei on the edge of the Kang, he sang softly: As soon as the bells and drums were sounded at the Huaqing Feast, As soon as he made a son, he went to the field to sell his son, and his head was scorched, and he cried in hunger through the morning and evening. An evil child knocks and strips his molars, hooks and claws, and sucks dry bones. A child sinks into prison, tears wash his face and sigh at the end of the road. Ven if a thousand trees blossom and ten thousand baskets of fruit, Scatter the human world, all paid the rich and noble hairpin tassel clan. The misty cloud path is too weak, and the belt is full of wind and waves. Overlooking the cold smoke locks the Guanhe River, looking up at the boundless days of doubt.. Where can a person who has no chance get the spirit to rub the ferry? Only the green bamboos of Xiangshan are left, and the old willows along the dike are like smoke. There is no Bodhi tree in the world. Her singing is passionate and solemn, although not loud, but very emotional, every word is clear,phycocyanin spirulina, like a soft silk around the beam. Li Wei listened quietly, his voice becoming more and more distant. With a satisfied smile, he gradually fell asleep.