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An emissary? A letter of war? Does this Changshan thief already regard himself as an equal party to the imperial court, and dare to be so insolent?


An emissary? A letter of war? Does this Changshan thief already regard himself as an equal party to the imperial court, and dare to be so insolent? Ding Miao forgot the conversation with Lu Yao for a moment and shouted angrily, "Bring it up!" He Yun looked at Lu Yao, who nodded slightly. He Yun bowed down. And Shao Xu immediately recruited several servants to quickly clean up the venue. Moments later, the footsteps sounded slowly, and the messenger of the Changshan thief came. The messenger seemed to be younger than Ding Miao, about twenty-four or twenty-five years old, tall, thin and powerful. Perhaps it was the dust brought by the long March that covered his face. His appearance was not very clear, but his eyes were cold and bright, and he was very spiritual. The emissary stopped two feet in front of Lu Yao and bowed. His movements are slow and meticulous, and in the eyes of Lu Yao and Ding Miao, who have experienced hundreds of battles, he can clearly appreciate the powerful power contained in his body, like a very vigorous beast like a cheetah, which can attack and hurt people at any time. There are such figures among the bandits in Changshan, but they must not be underestimated. I am Lu Yao. "What's your name?" Said Lu Yao lightly? What position do you hold under Murong Longcheng? The emissary's complexion was slightly white, and it was obvious that he had never thought that the Jin people were so powerful that they even found out the real name of the big boss who had been hiding for many years. Hearing Lu Yao's question, he did not dare to neglect him. "I've heard a lot about General Lu of Bingzhou," he said. I am a small pawn in the Changshan army, and I dare not listen to your humble name. I came here just to deliver the letter from the big boss to General Lu. With these words, he took out a piece of silk and presented it to He Yun,fenugreek saponins, who was standing beside him. He Yun took the silk book and handed it over to Lu Yao. Lu Yao did not reach for it, but looked intently up and down at the emissary. As soon as the emissary looked up, the two men's fierce eyes met in an instant, like sharp and matchless swords colliding with each other. Lu Yao was not prepared enough for a moment, so he felt angry and took it away. The next moment, the messenger lowered his eyebrows and bowed his head, as if the confrontation of eyes just now did not exist. This man is definitely not an ordinary foot soldier! Lu Yao slightly sneers, gently waves his hand and shakes out the silk book to watch. At this time, however,rosmarinic acid supplement, someone else launched an attack: "Your Excellency's skill is not comparable to that of the common people. He must be a warrior who has fought ten battles on the battlefield.". "Why so hide one's head and show one's tail, pretend to be a mere pawn, and make people laugh for no reason?" The man who spoke stood with his hands around his shoulders, arrogant, and it was Liu Ya. He is also a brave general, and naturally he can feel the extraordinary of this messenger. I have only learned a few minor skills, and there is no skill to speak of. Such as General Liu Ya, a civil and military all-rounder, led the strong men into a strong front, and won the reputation of Guan Zhang in the village. That's the big deal. The emissary thanked politely. Lu Yao was able to understand the details of the Changshan thieves, all because Hu Liuniang's old friends, old friends, companions and so on were all over northern Xinjiang. And the angel to Lu Yao's soldiers so understanding, really surprising. It should be noted that Liu Ya was recently transferred to Lu Yao under Ding Shao, but the original position of the team leader, pumpkin seed extract ,saw palmetto extract, reputation is not a county of Guangping. Although in the past few days on behalf of the county quite meritorious service, after all, can not be compared with Ding Miao, Xue Tong and other generals. But the emissary not only recognized Liu Ya, but also casually praised his past deeds of defending the family and attacking thieves, which showed that he had come prepared. Very busy recently. I try to keep up the pace of updates. If you can't take care of me, I hope you will forgive me. Chapter 117 Dragon City (4). One second to remember "Cotton Candy Novel www. Mianhuatang. La", to provide you with a wonderful novel to read. Since Lu Yao led the army into the county, the Changshan thieves seem to have no reaction at all. It turned out that he had already had a thorough understanding of his own side. This time is really prepared. Liu Ya can not help but slightly surprised. Beside him, Ding Miao could not suppress his restless mood. He rushes forward, the halberd points to shout loudly: "Dog courage!" The voice did not fall, just when he got up, a wooden bowl thrown on the table suddenly "snapped" to burst, and then turned into wood powder. Obviously, the wooden bowl had already been crushed by Ding Miao, but the strength of his hand was latent and motionless, and then it suddenly broke out. Of course, a wooden bowl is not a solid thing, but it is still very difficult to crush it with a strong grip between the fingers and palms. If you are not the most skillful general of the bear, you can't do that. There were many arrogant and irascible elements in Ding Miao's temperament. In the past, when the war in Jinyang was boiling, even the military orders of Yue Shigong dared to ignore it and went straight to Jiexiu to assist in the war. At this time see this little emissary dare to show off in front of the court general, immediately kill machine. Had it not been for Lu Yao's face, he would have taken the head of this fellow. Bing Liu Yueshi under the fierce, really brave spirit, live up to its reputation. The messenger's heart was awe-inspiring, but his face did not point at all, almost poking the messenger under his nose. The emissary turned a little sideways and looked up and down at Ding Miao. "This general has a loud voice. Is it General Ding Miao and General Ding Wenhao?"? It is said that the general has a strong character, but when I saw him today, it was like a rumor. Ding Miao looked at the messenger coldly, and every word seemed to be humming out with a chill: "Ding doesn't talk nonsense with you, just ask one question.". Is Wen Qiu and Wen Taizhen in your hands now? You and other bandits dare to plunder the high officials of the court, which is the charge of beheading. If they lose half a hair, you will pay for it with thousands of lives in Changshan. Change, even the words are almost no pause: "Wen Changshi and his party are the distinguished guests of my Changshan army, naturally treat each other well, will not be the slightest damage, please rest assured that General Ding is.". Only pity this wooden bowl is innocent, and it is difficult to be the wrist of General Wu Wei. "It is ridiculous that General Ding's tiger power is used to impose a mere wooden bowl." The emissary's words were sarcastic, and Ding Miao was furious. But when he heard that Wen Chao and others were indeed safe, he could not help but be delighted. After a happy anger, was waiting to say something, I saw Lu Yao will open the letter to close, get up and come to the messenger before. The ancients said, "Living in a place that moves the body nourishes and moves the spirit.". Today's Lu Yao, as a general of Bingzhou with great military exploits, led the army across the northern frontier, turning over his hands can determine life and death; unconsciously, every move has shown power, not comparable to that year. When he got up,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, all the generals were awestruck. On such a formal occasion, even Ding Miao dared not talk nonsense any more, so he had to nod slightly and step back.