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Iced Tea gnashed his teeth: "Look at the data for yourself!"! What a shame! Seven star lamp that despicable bastard let the main players of the main alliance into the sub-alliance within an hour to fight, sword flying, the Great Qin Empire


Iced Tea gnashed his teeth: "Look at the data for yourself!"! What a shame! Seven star lamp that despicable bastard let the main players of the main alliance into the sub-alliance within an hour to fight, sword flying, the Great Qin Empire, Han Xin, Grigory these first-line masters with a group of souls to fight the main battle robe, vanilla and ice has just been built, the average level of nature can not be compared.. Ling Xue was speechless: "So, the seven-star lamp is really a smart guy!" I said: "In that case, tomorrow!"! Iced tea, you prepare more honor tokens to prepare for the counterattack, I draw out thousands of strong soldiers from the Snow Moon Alliance to temporarily join the vanilla and ice, to help you take down the anger camp occupied by the Alliance! "Huh?"? To fight their main alliance? Iced Tea was a little confused and said, "The art of war is that the virtual is the real, and the real is the virtual. Today's battle points show that there are not as many masters in the main alliance as in the first sub-alliance. Once Vanilla and Ice apply to attack the main alliance, the Seven Star Lantern must be on guard to draw a group of masters back from the sub-alliance!" I smiled. "Yes, that's exactly what I want!" " "What do you mean?" "Tomorrow night, the main players of Xueyue will all join Vanilla and Ice. Twenty-four fighters, including Lingxue, Lingyue, Bingzhiyi and Liunianhuohuo, will all join Vanilla and Ice. They will fight a tough battle with the Soul Return Robe and destroy their spirit!" As soon as I said this, Iced Tea chuckled. "It sounds like a gamble. If you bet right, you'll make a lot of money. If you bet wrong,plastic laminted tube, you'll lose it all." "Life is a game. Those who dare to play win, and those who dare not quit. It's very simple." Ling Yue is a little worried: "Scholar, we all join the Vanilla and Ice Gang to fight this stronghold war, then what about the Snow Moon Alliance?"? If we lose the dark gold stronghold, it's not a big loss. I smiled: "Don't worry, I am personally stationed in the main alliance of snow and moon. Besides, the main force is about 7000 for iced tea at most. There are still many masters left in the main alliance of snow and moon. Even if the main force of the soul returning to the battle robe and the achievements for thousands of years comes to fight, we should be able to cope with it. It's all right!" "That is to say,empty cosmetic tubes, the snow moon tomorrow night is also a double line operation?" No, it's a three-line operation! Main alliance guard dark gold stronghold, divide forces to help vanilla and ice to fight the gold stronghold of the main alliance, and then let the dream return to the snow moon to give up the silver stronghold, to fight the gold stronghold of the first sub-alliance of the soul return battle robe, we have no reason to let the soul return battle robe occupy two gold strongholds! "Uh-huh!" This time the snow moon can not be soft, a dark gold stronghold, two gold strongholds are the birthplace of wealth and strength, must be all won! Even if we can't occupy the three strongholds ourselves, we must keep at least two golden strongholds in the hands of the allies like Vanilla and Ice or Water Age! As far as we are concerned, several major strongholds are like uncultivated land. We must bury the snow-moon boundary markers in the field early in the early stage, and all hostile alliances will not be able to step into it! The team is full of core members of Xueyue Studio, and the things we discuss will not be revealed, which is very certain. Xueyue Book Rhyme and Tea Fragrance are inseparable. Has been busy until more than two o'clock, the new excellent points are not willing to use, and so on more than one stroke will be eternal cloak or Chixiao sword rushed to excellence + 6, pump tube ,plastic packaging tube, perhaps, excellence + 7 also has hope, then I will be the first person to rush equipment to excellence + 7, think about it very satisfied.. …… Get off the line and take off the helmet. The door of the room opened, Qin Yun came in, took out the cold dishes from the refrigerator to heat them up, and then called the rice flower fragrance over, and the three of them gathered together for a midnight snack. Qin Yun filled me with some soup and asked, "Scholar, in tomorrow's stronghold battle, is the main alliance of the snow and moon really going to help the iced tea fight the stronghold?"? Are you really not afraid to put all your eggs in one basket and give us another onslaught? I shook my head: "What are you afraid of? We still have a lot of people. Recently, we have been busy importing powerful players from several sub-alliances to the main alliance. As you can see from today's battle points, the gap between Qianqiu's achievements and ours is not a little bit. Besides, I don't want to leave, so I should be able to stop it.". ” Qin Yun nodded and chuckled, "Well, I'll stay with you, too." Xiang Xiang said, "I also want to stay with my brother." I couldn't help laughing: "Well, if you two want to stay, you can stay. Xueyue's twenty-four fighters add vanilla and ice, plus vanilla and ice, the original iced tea and brave heart. Even if the seven-star lantern fights with the strongest strength, it should be able to stop it!" "Well!" Qin Yun smiled softly: "Go to bed early after eating!"! Tomorrow at noon, I will go back to Tianshui County to help Meng Xueyue! Temple of the Moon Sacrifice Chapter 936 a visit from a famous vessel. Mowu Hooligan of the Other World | Mortal Xiuxian Biography | Very Pure and Ambiguous | Lingwu Nine Days | Breaking the Sky | Evil King of the Other World | Devouring the Starry Sky | God of War | Dionysus | Immortal Inverse Update Time: August 16, 2010 1:08:09 Words in this chapter: 7563 The next day. Slept until noon to wake up, look at the time, more than 11 o'clock, the distance from the appointed time is not much left, today is a big day, the snow moon recaptured Tianshui County, is absolutely a very strong stroke in the course of the snow moon. At noon, I went to a restaurant downstairs with the fragrance of rice flowers and Qin Yun. Is eating, suddenly came a waiter MM, bowed his head and said to me with a smile: "There is a beautiful woman outside to find you!"! It's pretty "Oh?" I beamed. "Who could it be?" Qin Yun said with a smile: "Ling Xue, Ling Yue, or iced tea, must be one of these three, others should not know you are here!" "No matter, go out and have a look!" "Well!" So I took the lead and went out, followed by Qin Yun and Daohuaxiang. After going out, I saw a black car parked in front of the door, the door opened, a snow-white thigh stepped down with leather shoes, followed by a black uniform wrapped in attractive body, long hair, she gawked at me, and then looked at Qin Yun, the corners of her mouth gently raised: "Yun son, you are really here!" "Huh?!"! Frost. Sister Frost? Qin Yun was shocked. Yes,pump tube, the person who appears in front of us is Lin Shuang, the current leader of the war soul, the absolute strategic leader.