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In the relatively rich areas, the people in the cities and towns experienced the exorbitant taxes levied by Liu Yu's court and barely lived.


In the relatively rich areas, the people in the cities and towns experienced the exorbitant taxes levied by Liu Yu's court and barely lived. Leave the town, into the mountains and forests, and gradually into hell. Mountain bandits and caravans looted everywhere, and the fleeing people left their hometowns and no longer had shelter. They gradually gathered in the place where the "ghost king" was rumored to be. The government also sent troops to break up the refugees led by Wang Shitong twice at the boundary of Huazhou. The refugees were like a pool of muddy water. They were punched a few times and scattered, and then gradually began to gather together. This flood of refugees occurs every year. Compared with the Jin in the north and the Black Flag in the south, it is not a big deal after all. Kill twice, and the army is no longer enthusiastic. Kill is not kill, to send troops to money, to food, after all, is to manage their own one mu three parts of the land, even for the sake of the world, it is impossible to take all their time. Development is also important. The Yellow River turns a big bend and runs all the way to the northeast, from the fields near Zhengzhou to the mountains and rivers near Daming Prefecture. In many places, there are no cocks crowing for thousands of miles. Compared with the time when the Wu Dynasty was in its heyday, the population of the Central Plains had gone from four to three. Small villages with collapsed mud walls were abandoned and deserted. Groups of migrants walked in the wilderness. Mountain bandits who occupied land as kings and horse bandits who gathered roars came and went. Most of them were dressed in rags and had vegetables on their faces. The remaining villages and the capable big landlords built arrow towers and high walls, and many times they were visited by the government and the army, dragging truckloads of goods. The horse thieves also come, they can only come,plastic cosmetic tubes, and then either the horse thieves do birds and beasts scattered, or the high wall is broken, killing and fire continue. The woman with the baby in her arms walked in the mud, did not know when to fall down, and could no longer stand up, and finally the cry of the baby gradually disappeared. Out of order in the world, there are not many people who can protect themselves. Once the world of trade routes and silks and satins was far away in memory. To the north of Puzhou,polyfoil tube, Wang Shitong, dressed in ragged black clothes and with messy hair, crouched on a stone and stared at the dark, chaotic sea of people, hungry and thin people, whose eyes had turned to the color of blood. Wait, wait, wait. He murmured to his deputy, who had lost an arm. Spring is warm and flowers are blooming. Many people who went south last year froze to death in that winter. More people are gathering here every day. Sometimes edible leaves, fruits and small animals can be found in the woods. There are fish in the water. Some of the people who abandoned their homes and went south after spring still have some food. They're not hungry enough. You'll always be hungry. North of the Yellow River, originally the territory of the Tiger King, after Tian Shi succeeded to the throne, he carried out a series of killings and reforms. General Yu Yulin held the plow in the field and worked in person. He came up from the field. After washing the mud, he saw Lou Shuwan, metal cosmetic tubes ,custom cosmetic packaging, dressed in black, sitting in a straw shed by the roadside watching the information. In the past few years, the woman who had a lot of things on her hands and worked under the dim oil lamp every night had hurt her eyes. Her eyes were not good and she was short-sighted, so she looked like an old man with paper in her hands. After reading it, she straightened up, and Yu Yulin walked over, only to know that the third iron cannon deal with the South Black Flag had been completed. After last year's coup, Yu Yulin held a large number of troops and held a high position, and his relationship with Lou Shuwan became closer. However, since then, he has spent most of his time in the north to stabilize the situation and keep an eye on Wang Juyun, who is not a good person as an "ally", and the two sides have not met many times. A month ago, Wang Juyun's An Xifu came to discuss the garrison with me and talked about Li Xizhi. I think Wang Juyun has the intention to fight with Li Xizhi and come to test the meaning of waiting for me. Yu Yulin sat down on the chair next to Lou Shuwan. Talking about these things, Lou Shuwan folded her hands on her knees. After thinking about it, she said with a smile, "War is your business. What do I know as a woman? Please ask General Yu to make it clear whether it is good or bad." Lou Shuwan's words seemed strange, but Yu Yulin had long been accustomed to her attitude of alienation and did not care: "When the Tiger King was there, there were three of us north of the Yellow River. Now the two of us joined hands and could push Li Xizhi there.". One of Wang Juyun's meanings is that Li Xizhi is a man without eggs. When the Jurchens come over, they must kneel down and beg for mercy. Wang Juyun makes it clear that the chariots and horses are against gold. When the time comes, Li Xizhi will draw a knife behind his back. "So it's good for them, but not for us?" Lou Shuwan smiled. To the south of Yanmen Pass, the north bank of the Yellow River is divided into three parts. Generally speaking, it is the territory of Qi. In fact, the east was controlled by Liu Yu's confidant Li Xizhi, and Wang Juyun occupied the most chaotic area near Yanmen Pass, and they did not verbally submit to the Jurchens. And the best development of the Tian family forces in the middle is because they occupy the mountains where horse racing is not good, but they have both sides. Yu Yulin, Lou Shuwan and others who presided over the killing of the Tiger King were the rational faction in the forces, together with the radical Tian Shi and others, who could not bear to see the many drunken scum attached to Tian's relatives. After more than ten years of operation, Tian's family had not yet formed a complex network of interests. After a killing, the internal excitement was more or less effective, especially the deal with Black Flag. So that their private strength can grow a lot. But because of the ambiguous position before, as long as you don't immediately tear your face with the Jurchens, there is still some room for manoeuvre in the face of the Jurchens. Last year, the hungry ghost made a scene, and the eastern States were empty. Now they are out of shape. As long as they have food, they can eat it. Moreover, with these iron cannons, it is also necessary to pick a soft persimmon to train troops. But that's not the most important thing. When Yu Yulin spoke, Lou Shuwan interrupted with a smile: "Everything needs to be done. Where is the surplus grain? Pick the soft persimmon to train the troops. Just pick him.". Anyway, we are the good people under the Jin, and it is perfectly justified to attack the chaotic division. Yu Yulin also laughed: "The most important thing is not this. Wang Juyun, An Xifu and others want to mess with Li Xizhi and stir up the black flag." Lou Shuwan was stupefied: "Da Yan Yan,eye cream packing tube, what's the matter with those people?" "Black Flag has a business in Shandong." Lou Shu Wan's eyes looked at Yu Yulin, his eyes were deep, but he was not confused.