News Date :10/22/2022

Love is scattered.

He's so hateful. Kill him! This is the voice of Chen Feng that once sounded in her ear, which is still fresh in her memory.


He's so hateful. Kill him! This is the voice of Chen Feng that once sounded in her ear, which is still fresh in her memory. When she heard it, she just thought it was a joke. But when she was brought into the interrogation room by Su Jing, the words suddenly came back to life from memory. Kill him! Over the past few days, these words have been echoing in her ears like thunder, like a cruel mental torture device torturing her nerves that are about to collapse. She recalled every detail of her relationship with him and his words and deeds. He did not usually speak too much, but every word he said was often decisive. Although she did not believe that he would do so, she could not remove the doubts in her heart. If it was really him, it was because he loved her, and she was willing to put everything down and even die for him. Because she could not forget the burning, dizzy, sweet, sticky and inseparable feeling he had given her. The heartbeat, the excitement, the excitement, the lifelong indelible feeling, made her give up her life for it. Otherwise, why should she carefully preserve the medical records that can make her fall to pieces? That's a time bomb. Didn't she realize that it would explode sooner or later? For the sake of that good feeling, she suddenly said to Su Jing that she had killed Lu Xiaokun. When the police asked her what the murder weapon was, she couldn't say why. However,eye cream packaging tube, after a sleepless night in the detention center, her idea suddenly changed. What if it's not Chen Feng? Why should she be so foolish as to take the blame for the damned criminal? That's so sad! Therefore, she resolutely overturned the confession which had no evidence to support it. Su Jing asked her many times what she had done on the 30th and who she had been with, but she refused to say. In any case, she did not want to bring Chen Feng in because of her loose mouth. If Chen Feng is guilty, he will wait for the police to investigate himself. If Chen Feng is innocent, If he loosens his mouth,cosmetic tube, won't it add a lot of trouble to him? But now it seems that it is impossible not to say. Su Jing and Anli attacked her heart again and again, and she couldn't go on. If there is no Chen Feng, the police will not return his innocence. The next morning, Dong Xiaohan told Su Jing through the prison guard that she had something to say. Su Jing and Anli immediately drove to the detention center. After the case happened, Anli and Su Jing have been searching for the mysterious hero, but they have not got any clues. Now, Dong Xiaohan has confessed himself. Her confession shocked Su Jing. He hoped that what she said about Chen Feng was a coincidence of the same name, but the fact soon shattered his fantasy. Qiao Daoheng came back from abroad. Hearing the news, Anli suggested that Su Jing use his special relationship with Mr. Qiao to tentatively understand Lu Xiaokun's situation from the side. Su Jing refused. He said that to understand the situation, it is better to be businesslike. In the chairman's office of Lu'an Group, they met Mr. Qiao as promised. However, Mr. Joe failed to offer anything of value. Mr. Qiao deplored Lu Xiaokun's accident. He said that Lu Xiaokun is a talented person and one of the young cadres that Lu'an Group has been focusing on training. Not long ago, Mr. Qiao also raised the issue of Lu Xiaokun's promotion and reuse to the Party Committee of the company. The Party Committee held a special meeting to discuss this issue, but he did not expect such an unfortunate thing to happen suddenly. On the question of why Lu Xiaokun changed his profession from medicine to Lu'an Group, plastic laminated tube ,aluminium laminated tube, Mr. Qiao said that this was a matter of Lu Xiaokun's personal interest, because Mr. Qiao and Professor yuan Peng, Lu Xiaokuan's mentor, were good friends. It was Lu Xiaukun himself who told yuan Peng that he wanted to change his profession and engage in a new job. Although yuan Peng did not agree, he enthusiastically recommended Lu Xiaukun to Mr. Qiao. For the sake of Professor yuan Peng, Mr. Qiao arranged Lu Xiaokun to enter Lu'an Group. Because Lu Xiaokun was smart and capable, he quickly got on track and did everything very well, so it was not long before he was entrusted with an important task. This result seems to be expected. In this case, Anli and Su Jing are more firm in their initial judgment that they should find a breakthrough from the line of love killing. Su Jing sorted out the results of several days of running around and his own ideas: According to the clues that have been grasped, the suspect can be classified into the following areas: First, if he can make an appointment with the deceased in the middle of the night, he can be identified as an acquaintance committing a crime; Secondly, the deceased had no defense against this acquaintance, at least the deceased thought that this person could not pose any threat to his life, which showed that the murderer did not have the ability to commit violence against the deceased from the surface of his body, so he should be a person weaker than the deceased on the surface, at least in the eyes of the deceased, the other party was a weak person; Thirdly, it can be preliminarily inferred that the murderer did it by tearing down the small flannelette rabbit hanging in the car of the deceased. The object was given by a love object of the deceased in the past, and the murderer tore off the pendant, which showed that the murderer understood the love history of the deceased, and before the death of the deceased, he had quarreled with the deceased for emotional matters, and tore it to vent his anger; fourth, after the quarrel, the murderer could also induce the deceased to eat chewing gum, which fully showed that the relationship between the murderer and the deceased was extraordinary, at least a special relationship. Finally, the doubts focused on Dong Xiaohan, the wife of the deceased. Firstly, Dong Xiaohan meets the above four basic conditions of the suspect; secondly, Dong Xiaohan has the motive and purpose of committing the crime, and has the time to commit the crime; thirdly, Dong Xiaohao knows that the deceased hid potassium cyanide in the office, and went to the office of the deceased one day before his death, and stayed there alone for five minutes, but no one can prove what she was doing; Fourth, the day before the death of the deceased, Dong Xiaohan asked for leave from the company, saying that he would go home to visit his parents. On the day of the death of the deceased, Dong Xiaohan suddenly hastily booked a ticket to travel with a group, and was suspected of absconding after committing the crime. Su Jing also raised his question, since Lu Xiaokun was premeditated to kill, why did the murderer leave fingerprints? Suppose it was Dong Xiaohan, who had bought the Shenzhouxing number a year ago and put on a mask by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS),tube lip gloss, but why didn't she think of wearing a pair of gloves? This oversight was undeserved. Anli suggested that Dong Xiaohan's suspicion could not be lifted in any case, especially that she and Chen Feng must be investigated as soon as possible. That afternoon, Su Jing came to the Huanwen Mansion where Chen Feng was.