News Date :11/04/2022

The Wolf Wife of the President

"What?" Murong did not react to come over, really can not blame him, but today's eldest brother, thinking is really changing too fast.


"What?" Murong did not react to come over, really can not blame him, but today's eldest brother, thinking is really changing too fast. And the usual eldest brother is completely different, it seems that the sister-in-law, the influence on the eldest brother is really not a little bit ah. Love is really a thing that can make people crazy. What are you staring at? "No!"! But big brother, are you going alone? "Aren't you still there?" "But my prospective sister-in-law." If you dare say one more word, I'll take back what I just said. When the second brother and the third brother asked, I put all the blame on you! "Yes!" Murong Zhi answered in a very aggrieved voice. Whoo, these days, it's really hard to be a little brother! Ye Tian looked at the puppy in Murong's arms, although there was no evidence or reason, but his subconscious told him with certainty that this puppy was the key to finding Zhu Xiaonuo! [Text: Chapter 26 Malingering!] "Oh, it seems that everyone is still punctual and has not turned a deaf ear to my old man's words!" Although the old man on the big screen on the wall is laughing, the laughter will only make people feel angry. Old man, we are all here, but where is the man named Tao Lele you said? Moye squinted. "I heard she moved here long ago, didn't she?"? Why haven't you seen her shadow yet? "Don't worry, she went out to work, look at the time, should be back soon!" The old man is very patient to explain, no way,push button toilet flush valve, who let him to children has always been so, so amiable! “?” Yi Shuihan did not speak, but stared coldly at the old man on the screen, whose eyes were enough to turn the hot summer into winter! Embarrassed, the old man laughed and said, "I haven't seen the second child for a few days. How can I still have a cold temper?"! This is not good, it's easy to lose! "People have seen it, and you have seen it.". The four of us are quite a few,Flushometer valve, but we all came on time to report. "So, can you please yourself?" Murong stopped laughing. Now that you bastards are here, I'm relieved, hehe, I'm leaving now! The old man was about to turn off the video, but he said strangely, "But why don't you see the boss talking?" Ye Tian's eyes swept sharply to Ye Wen, who did not speak and immediately ended his interrogative sentence with a black screen. Big brother, what should we do now? Murong Zhi looked worriedly at Ye Tian, whose face was full of discontent, and asked with concern. Ye Tian did not speak, but drew his eyes motionless to the side of Murong Zhi. Moye was a little strange. He also followed Ye Tian's eyes to Murong Zhi's side. He said with some uncertainty: "Elder brother, you should not suddenly go crazy like the fourth brother and regard keeping pets as popular!" But Murong Zhi was startled by Ye Tian's possessive eyes and picked up the dog beside him warily, "It's mine, although you're the eldest brother, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Self-closing Faucet, but don't try to take away what people love!" "Why are you so nervous? I won't rob you!" Ye Tian looked at Murong Zhi with a complicated look, but said nothing more. Murong Zhi was looked at by Ye Tian's eyes and felt hairy all over. Holding the puppy's hand, he unconsciously tightened it and said, "Elder brother, why do you always look at me like this? I don't owe you money!" Ye Tian did not speak, but showed a devilish smile, step by step toward Murong. According to past experience, if Ye Tian reveals this expression now, it represents that he is a younger brother, there will be bad things happen. However, to Murong Zhi's surprise, when Ye Tian walked up to him, he stopped, and then -- "Where to?" Yi Shuihan finally spoke the first sentence since Ye Tian came in. Second brother, is there any need to ask? To see our future sister-in-law, of course. I thought my eldest brother must be the most infatuated man in the world, but I never thought that my eldest brother had not found a girlfriend for so many years not because he could not forget Xiao Nuo, but because he had not met anyone who could make him move. However, eldest brother, who on earth is that prospective sister-in-law, how so mysterious, also do not let us know! "Third Brother!" Murong Zhi saw that Moye actually said the two words that were the most taboo among their four brothers, and his face changed, and he looked at Ye Tian with some worry, fearing that Ye Tian would get angry again as usual. Moye knew he had made a slip of the tongue and shut up hurriedly. Even Yi Shuihan, who had always been indifferent, moved his eyes to Ye Tian with concern. But to everyone's surprise, Ye Tian not only did not get angry, nor did he go crazy, but also showed a puzzled look and said something that puzzled everyone present, "Xiao Nuo?"? How do you know? "Of course we know, Big Brother!" Moye looked like a ghost, "or what we don't know!" Zhu Xiaonuo quickly noticed the strange atmosphere at the scene, moved in his heart, and thought: "It seems.." They didn't seem to know that Ye Tian had forgotten about Xiao Nuo, and it was clear that Ye Tian thought they were talking about themselves. But the most important thing at present is that before they think they are talking about the same thing, they must not let them know that Ye Tian has forgotten Xiao Nuo. So, at the moment when everyone was about to break the silence, Zhu Xiaonuo shouted loudly without knowing the "current affairs". Sure enough, he succeeded in attracting the attention of the public to himself. Hey, Mrs. Wangcai, what's the matter with you? Murong looked anxiously at the "little dog" in his arms, "Is he sick?" "Sick?" Zhu Xiaonuo's brain has no time to react, anyway, no matter what the reason is now, as long as the interruption of their conversation just now is OK. Therefore, Zhu Xiaonuo deliberately put on a very uncomfortable look, nodding to show that he was really "sick." I'm sorry,Time Delay Faucet, I have to take him to the hospital, so I have to go out for a little while. Murong said hurriedly. That's just right. I'm going to the company, too. Why don't we go together? Ye Tian suggested.