News Date :09/30/2022

War demon War demon

While I was facing the skyscraper in the air, two assassins came to their senses. One of them sneaked up behind me and attacked me with a sword, while the other attacked Gao Zhan viciously.


While I was facing the skyscraper in the air, two assassins came to their senses. One of them sneaked up behind me and attacked me with a sword, while the other attacked Gao Zhan viciously. I was in a great hurry. What should I do? In front of me was a tiger, behind me was a wolf, and a sheep was being attacked by a wolf. I had no time to think about it. Only by keeping Gao Zhan could my plan succeed. The fierce sun double sword in my hand came out, like a meteor, flying at the assassin who attacked Gao Zhan. My body was full of twelve points of True Qi to protect myself. I was ready to receive a sword from the assassin behind me. Listen to a loud shout only: "Thief assassin, don't hurt my royal Highness, some home comes also!" A figure rushed in, in the hands of the God in the air across two lightning, straight to the assassin behind me, Wu Ma Tianyong finally arrived, my heart can not help a wide. At this time, Lieyang's two swords, with my great strength, had already hit the front of another assassin. The assassin hurriedly raised his sword to dial, but only felt an irresistible strength coming, swinging his sword away. Then he saw a flash of red light, flying upside down in the air, and was nailed to the wall by my Lieyang's sword. At the same time that I lost my two swords, the skyscraper opposite me suddenly launched an attack, and my hands were marked again. Ninety-two palms arranged in an octagonal shape were like real iron plates! It is true that an expert knows whether he has it or not as soon as he stretches out his hand. This neat and striking octagonal pattern, arranged by ninety-two palm shadows,collapsible pallet box, is like the elaborate masterpiece of a famous carver. However, even if it is the elaborate masterpiece of a famous carver, I am afraid he can not carve so fast, so good, so mysterious ah. The shape of the ninety-two palms came from the sky, and it was formed in an instant. After Wu Ma Tianyong appeared, I had no scruples in my heart. While my body was attacking me in the sky, it flashed in the air in a very mysterious way. My hands kept swinging, bringing up boundless strength. The strength was like a tangible one,plastic pallet containers, forming a huge Taiji diagram in the air, one Yin and one Yang rotating constantly. Ninety-two pieces of palm shadow, like an ice sculpture shattered in an instant, disappeared without a trace in a low and stuffy'puff 'sound, and the Taiji diagram was fragmented after a swaying. In a short time, the undercurrent in the field was turbulent again. The objects within ten feet around were annihilated. Gao Zhan and the people who were fighting in the field were pushed far away by invisible force. I and Skyscraper fell to the ground at the same time. My body was unstable, and blood flowed from the corners of my mouth. The skyscraper was also uncomfortable. My throat shook a few times, and I swallowed a mouthful of blood forcibly. Dragon's breath hall such a huge movement, will finally guard the guards in the outer city alarm, for a time in the imperial city lantern torches, flashing everywhere, quickly surrounded the dragon's breath hall, more people came forward to protect Gao Zhan, at this time Wu Ma Tianyong has gained the upper hand, and the assassin is frightened, has no intention to fight again. I saw Wu Ma Tian Yong over the God around, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet crates, with an amazing speed across a half arc, and in this piece of practice like brilliant brilliance, the moment he did not know how many times he waved over the God, rolling barrel-like silver light band, like a strange snake dance volume, suddenly ushered in, a series of ear drums can not meet the crisp impact of the sound of dense ring, then two figures suddenly divided, Wu Ma Tian Yong mouth breathing heavily, The assassin's body rolled in midair, and every time he rolled, he spilled blood all over the place. When his body fell to the ground, there was no complete part of his body. He had knife wounds all over his body, and when he fell to the ground, he had died. I had been watching Wu Ma Tianyong's fight, and now that I saw that he had won, I was overjoyed and stretched out my hand to stop the guards who had come around, because I knew that in the following blow, I and Mo Tian would try our best, and the power would destroy the world. If they got too close, I didn't know what the consequences would be. Wu Ma Tianyong has understood my meaning, under his command, the people protect the heart perturbed Gao Zhan slowly retreated. I looked at the complexion gradually ruddy skyscraper, the heart can not help but secretly admire, this old way is really fierce, unexpectedly in such a short time to restore the internal force, unconsciously, I actually have a feeling of sympathy for him! I opened my mouth and said, "The Taoist Priest, although you and I are enemies, I deeply admire the skill of the Taoist Priest. As soon as I saw him today, I, Xu Zhengyang, knew that there was heaven outside the sky and there were people outside the sky. The reputation of the Kunlun Sect for thousands of years is really extraordinary!" "Hey, hey!"! Boy, although you and my hatred is as deep as the sea, but I also want to admire you, more than 20 years old, unexpectedly have such skill, no wonder my two disciples will you as an eyesore, a thorn in the flesh, your future is limitless! In another twenty years, I'm afraid even the old monster of Zhamuhe is no match for you. You are the best in the world! His voice was hoarse, and it was obvious that the struggle just now had also hurt his vitality. "Today, Lao Dao will kill you even if he dies. If you don't die, I will never have peace in Kunlun for a hundred years!" "Lao Dao, I also have this idea, if let you escape, I also can not live in peace!"! But I tell you, you still have two points of heroic spirit, unlike your disciples who will only use some plots, after your Kunlun vein,drum spill pallet, I will leave you a root! I stopped for a moment and felt that the True Qi in my body had been restored. "Lao Dao, I still have the power to strike now. I will use my most powerful moves. I hope you will not show mercy, or I will be unhappy!"! Ha ha ha 。