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Be a rich man.

"I'll go and pack up. Please take me later." She insisted on leaving, and this time Cheng Yijing did not leave her behind.


"I'll go and pack up. Please take me later." She insisted on leaving, and this time Cheng Yijing did not leave her behind. , make bad In He Chenchen's opinion, if a person loves another person very much, they will definitely plan their future, and marriage is the best commitment to this relationship. Li Qun told her before that Karl had never planned the future with her, so Karl finally abandoned Li Qun and left her black and blue. Now when she mentioned "future" and "marriage" to Cheng Yijing, Cheng Yijing also looked uncertain. He Chenchen felt as uncomfortable as a small thorn in his heart. Although they have not been in love for many days. Today, she went to the hotel with Li Qun early in the morning, and now the samples have been washed out, and the hotel management and owners are about to select samples. Chen Chen and Li Qun visited the new food and beverage director together. The new food and beverage director is a very kind Malaysian Chinese who can speak Chinese, but there is no problem in communication. Just about the catering linen, because she was temporarily assigned to this position, the main choice is still in the hands of the owner. When He Chenchen and Li Qun came out, Li Qun said: "Sig's tender is quite different from the previous process. Before these small things, the basic owner just went through the motions. In essence, it was decided by the liquor management and the purchasing department." He Chenchen lowered his head and thought about it, then replied: "This time, the bidding method of Sig Group is the thing selected by the owner, and the purchasing department wins the bid at the lowest price." "Lowest price?"? The profit must be very low. Li Qun also has a headache in the face of this bidding method. Price war really has no advantage for their company,non standard fasteners, and there is no profit point. It is likely that they will earn some reputation and make no money. Let's think about how to get the list first. Earning less is also earning. You see, our company has no qualifications now. When we go out to talk about business, we still use the name of thunder. I think it's good to do it. He Chenchen now feels that even doing it is difficult, where will consider whether to make money, how much money to make. But if the owner decides, we have no friendship with General Manager Shen at all. Li Qun threw out their problems, their company can come to this step, it is not easy,car radiator cap, but now it is completely decided by the owners, they can not reach such a high relationship. Unexpectedly, He Chenchen shook his head, "it's not General Manager Shen, it's Jiang Tuo." Li Qun was puzzled, "Jiang Tuo?"? Isn't Shen Zongqing the main owner here? He Chenchen told Li Qun what Cheng Yijing had told her before, "In order to exercise Jiang Tuo, Jiang Tuo is fully responsible for everything in Yulan Bay." "That's even more hopeless!" Li Qun originally thought that Shen Zongqing was in charge, but she did not expect that the prince of the Sig Group, who they were not familiar with at all, was in charge, and now she felt that the list was even more hopeless. I don't think so. Mr. Shen has been doing this for a long time, but he has his own interpersonal relationship in it. But Jiang Tuo is suddenly airborne. He doesn't have a good relationship with any supplier. If we can advance one step and make a good relationship with him, I think we have a better chance of winning. He Chenchen has figured out, Investment casting parts ,metal stamping parts, before she is also like Li Qun, think Jiang Tuo is in charge of this project, then they are to accompany the prince to take the exam, but later with Jiang Tuo after a few days and found that if the relationship between Jiang Tuo side get through, they are very likely to take all the list of Sig. And Jiang Tuo is not like other "old oil sticks", all have their own interpersonal relationships in it, he is indifferent to the hotel side of things, in this circle has not yet established any interpersonal relationships, easier to start. Easy to say, Jiang Tuo which is easy for us to catch up with, really can make a good relationship with him, you open a company is no problem, don't think about it! Although Li Qun felt that what He Chenchen said was right, the first step was very difficult to achieve, because Jiang Tuo was the future heir of the Sig Group, which was easy for them to get to know, and then thought, "How do you know so many inside stories?" I am afraid that the whole Yulan Bay, in addition to a few high-level owners, no one knows the mode of operation and the real owner in charge. He Chenchen is now in love with Cheng Yijing, and took care of Jiang Tuo for a few days, Li Qun is completely unaware. Li Qun is also completely unexpected, she is not in this period of time, her little partner has unconsciously advanced several levels. General Manager Cheng said that. He Chenchen also does not want to deceive Li Qun, says directly with her, then pulls her to change the topic, "we look again in the housekeeping department." Although Li Qun's question was interrupted by He Chenchen, she was lost in thought. Although she knew that Cheng Yijing was the first contact with He Chenchen, she was particularly "different" from He Chenchen. But she was told that the relationship between them was better than she had imagined. After each department turned around, He Chenchen confirmed one thing, that is, tomorrow the owner will select samples and confirm the samples. Since Jiang Tuo is fully responsible for the selection, Jiang Tuo will definitely return to Sanya tomorrow. Maybe he is not necessarily in Sanya now. Thinking of this, He Chenchen hurriedly sent him a message: [Representative Jiang, are you back?] Jiang Tuo, as always, did not respond. In fact, he was sitting on the sofa, holding his legs and playing mobile games in Cheng Yijing's office with his mobile phone. When he saw the message of He Chenchen popping up on WeChat, he naturally caught a glimpse of it, but he was still playing games without any response. Cheng Yijing is holding a video conference here. After the meeting, he turned off the remote equipment, held his hands to the back of his head, and sighed against the sofa chair. "Affected by the policy, the profit of the hotel business sector in China is getting lower and lower. Next year,CNC machining parts, the group will reduce its investment in the hotel sector." Jiang Tuo played hand games without blinking an eye. "Anyway, the group of people in the investment department of the group never seriously analyzed the market. Every time they were an afterthought. When they took this piece of land two years ago, I proposed to communicate with the government to be a nursing community for the aged. They all didn't believe it and had to do tourism.." 。