The moment of rebirth

Each famous doctor also feels difficult, but still gave a suggestion:


Each famous doctor also feels difficult, but still gave a suggestion: continue to observe the condition. If you have an operation, you can only make a good plan for the operation and operate boldly and carefully in the operation. Fanghua privately thought that this suggestion was the same as not saying it. However, in order to prepare for the operation, she carefully recorded the patient's observation under the guidance of Director Gao. Of course, it is to observe the law and performance of Song Yalan's consciousness. Song Yalan has had a painful expression since the operation, and this reaction has occurred for several days after the operation. But when the patient's wound is almost grown, this phenomenon is not easy to observe. Fanghua analysis, Song Yalan has not been found to have consciousness for a long time, should be that she always caught up with no one around her or people do not pay much attention to her. So, after she specially said hello to Professor Zhang, she pulled a stool and sat beside Song Yalan's bed every night from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 4:00 to 6:00 in the morning, watching her. Although it was very hard, she had to ask Cory for leave to go back to the dormitory to catch up on sleep when she was free in the afternoon, but she finally found some rules. Perhaps after a period of neurotrophic and awakening treatment, Song Yalan's consciousness became more and more obvious. One morning around five o'clock, Song Yalan suddenly opened her eyes. Fanghua was sitting on the edge of the bed staring at her, and she suddenly opened her eyes like this, which startled Fanghua. The bedside lamp is on for easy observation. Song Yalan looked at Fanghua doubtfully in the lamplight. Yes, Fanghua saw that Song's eyes were rolling gently, and her eyes were confused. Besides,uns c68700, her mouth was still mumbling, as if she wanted to say something. Fanghua asked tentatively, "Aunt Song, are you awake?" She saw Song Yalan nodding slightly reflexively. Oh, my God, this is definitely not a vegetative unconscious state, this is a perceptual response behavior, an awakening phenomenon. For the first time,347 stainless steel, Song Yalan was observed to have a clear awakening of consciousness, and Fanghua almost jumped eight feet high from her chair. This is exciting She hurriedly turned around and pulled Professor Zhang, who was still asleep in another bed: "Professor Zhang, come and see, Aunt Song is awake." Her cry woke up Professor Zhang and the nurse who was sleeping on the camp bed in the corridor. Zhang Kemao was stunned for a moment, then stumbled out of bed, approached his wife, grabbed her hand, and stared at her. Fanghua saw Song Yalan's eyes also looking at Zhang Kemao, the eyes of doubt is gone, replaced by a slight excitement. Zhang Kemao asked in a trembling voice, "Ya, Lan, you, uns c70600 ,x52 line pipe, you.." Song Yalan's lips moved and made a slightly unrecognizable sound: "m.." ,g……” Both Fanghua and Zhang Kemao waited excitedly for Song Yalan to continue to make a complete voice. The nurse aunt that follows in the back, make a fuss however the ground says: "Day, woke really." The voice attracted Song Yalan's eyes, and she looked slightly sideways at her aunt, but frowned slightly. The aunt was invited after her illness, and naturally she didn't know her. No wonder she frowned. But soon Fanghua found that Song Yalan's eyes were dull and there was no expression. It's really MCS. The activity of consciousness is short enough. It's estimated that it's less than 30 seconds. Calm down, Fanghua went up to check, and then said to Zhang Kemao euphemistically, "I fell asleep again." Zhang Kemao also saw that his wife had returned to her usual state for more than two years. When the doctor told him about MCS, he was doubtful, because in his opinion, it was no different from the vegetative state in the past. But in the scene just now, he was sure that his wife recognized him, and she wanted to call herself "Brother Mao" as usual. This is the miracle I dream of, and miracles can really happen, even if it's only for a while, it's enough. Zhang Kemao could not restrain his excitement. He put his wife's hand back into the thin quilt and stumbled to the bathroom. Soon, the sound of running water came from inside. Listen carefully, and there are muffled sobs. Still in a state of shock, the nursing aunt pulled Fanghua and asked, "Doctor Lin, is Sister Song awake or not?" Fanghua smiled and said, "Of course I'm awake, but I haven't woken up completely yet." "Oh, what should I do?" We will help her really wake up. ” With that, Fanghua looked out of the window, and the eastern sky was already dawning. Text 194. Sometimes it cures. 194. Sometimes it heals. After several days of observation, Fanghua has basically mastered the law of Song Yalan's conscious activities. But the situation of opening eyes and recognizing people like that morning has never happened again. This also shows that Song's "minimum consciousness" is indeed "small". Combined with the patient's performance and various examinations, this confirmed Director Gao's judgment of the condition and made up his mind to operate. By implanting electrodes to maintain the function of the thalamus, it is possible to preserve the function of the brain, so that the brain will not gradually atrophy. Naturally, the operation was performed by Director Gao, and Fanghua acted as an assistant. She needs to assist Director Gao in judging the patient's consciousness during the operation. This DBS treatment of Parkinson's disease is still a new thing. At present, only dozens of operations have been carried out in China. It is the first time for Director Gao to use it to treat disturbance of consciousness (MCS) after brain trauma. Of course, no precedent has been heard abroad. Therefore, on the day of the operation, colleagues from the capital will come to watch. In this regard, department and hospital leaders believe that this is a good opportunity for publicity. The Party Committee of the hospital paid special attention to this operation and asked the General Logistics Department and the General Political Department for instructions. The General Political Department finally sent several publicity officers, all of whom were excellent penholders, but the photographer still invited the most skilled and experienced cameraman from the medical photography studio of 301 Hospital. They cooperated with each other, interviewed and videotaped the whole process of the operation, and prepared to make a feature film. Two days before the operation, the penholders and photographers interviewed Professor Zhang Kemao, a family member of the patient, under the arrangement of Assistant Zhang. They found that the story of the family was very sensational, and the enthusiasm for the interview immediately increased. Photographers also went to the ward to record Song Yalan's daily situation, in order to facilitate comparison with the postoperative. They then interviewed Director Gao,x70 line pipe, the chief surgeon, and of course, Fanghua was also "affected by the fish in the pond.".