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Shen Feiyu looked back at Ruoyao and said with a smile,


Shen Feiyu looked back at Ruoyao and said with a smile, "You can take it as soon as you get it. But don't fight with each other." He regarded the reputation of the Shen family as more important than his daughter's happiness. She said the word "spirit", obviously last night Shen Xing attacked Sun Jingzhi, Ruoyao had told her, but Ruoyao did not say to Sun Jingzhi a precious ginseng king, so she looked at Ruoyao with deep meaning. Since Sun Jingzhi had persuaded King Shen to recover his power, Shen Feiyu immediately guessed that it was given by his daughter and did not believe that Sun Jingzhi was carrying such precious medicine. Shen Taiyang secretly sighed and shook his head, blaming Sun Jingzhi for not knowing how to measure his strength. Shen Xing wanted to defeat Sun Jingzhi in one or two moves, so as soon as Shen Fei Wang Huo finished speaking, he attacked Sun Jingzhi with a fierce fist. Sun Jingzhi hung his hands and did not move, so slow that he did not know how to resist. When Shen Tai-hsiang saw that he was about to be defeated, he closed his eyes. But although Sun Jingzhi did not raise his hand to resist, when the wind of the fist was about to reach, his legs and knees were not bent, and he swept out of Zhang, he taught Shen Xing that when the fist became a real move, it was empty. As soon as Shen Tai-hsiang heard the wind of his fist, he opened his eyes and was overjoyed. Although he did not know how Sun Jingzhi came out? But when he was in danger, he suddenly swept outside, and the height of his flying skill was incredible! Shen Xing thought that Sun Jingzhi was afraid of himself and caught up with a series of two punches. Sun Jingzhi was still motionless, but he leapt up and down in the shadow of his opponent's fist, like a butterfly wearing only flowers. His posture was wonderful and light and swift. Shen Tai-hsiang looked dumbfounded and thought to himself,x60 line pipe, "If Sun Jingzhi performed such flying skills that day, not to mention three palms, ten palms.". Hundred palms, you can't beat him down even if you try your best! Sun Ching-chih only dismantled Shen Tai-hsiang's palm that day to see how his own palm was? So he didn't show his flying skills, and he was defeated by Shen Tai-hsiang with three palms, but his palms were not high, and he would never lose to Shen Tai-hsiang in a real fight. Sun Jingzhi did not fight back all the time, but avoided Shen Xing's fierce and powerful boxing. Shen Taixiang praised him loudly: "Good flying skill, good flying skill!" Thought: "With his flying skill,x60 line pipe, I dare not compare with him, but also afraid of not entering the eyes of the hostess." In my heart is great joy, secretly laughed: "I am worried about him for a while in vain!" He has been smiling from ear to ear since he discovered Sun Jingzhi's flying skills. Looking sideways at Shen Feiyu, she was also smiling, and Ruoyao was smiling with joy. Only Shen Yun does not laugh, she knows this is the inevitable result, there is nothing worth her laughing. Unable to beat Sun Jingzhi, Shen Xing roared, "What kind of skill is it to run away?"? Have the ability to slap! Although he was surprised by Sun Jingzhi's flying skill, he didn't believe that he could really beat himself. "Brother Shen Xing," said Sun Jingzhi, "I've fought back!" The mouth says to fight back, but the person is far away. Shen Xing looked up and laughed loudly. When Shen An saw that Sun Jingzhi's posture was strange, he shouted, "Xing'er, uns s32760 plate ,x52 line pipe, be careful." Shen Xing thought that Sun Jingzhi's efforts were mediocre, so he didn't dare to make a positive handover. I don't know if Sun Jingzhi is going to perform "ghost flicking ten fingers". When Sun Jingzhi finished a circle of wandering, his body suddenly swept up and he flicked his fingers. Shen Xingpu felt so late that he was at a loss and did not know how to resist. Shen An loved his son so much that he quickly swept up and stood in front of Shen Xing. At the same time, he split out with one hand. But Sun Jingzhi saw the sound of "wave" through the wind of his split palm bouncing on his chest. One of Sun Jingzhi's fingers flicked back immediately. When he flicked his fingers, he only knew how to attack his opponent, regardless of all changes. When he flicked back, he realized that it was on Shen An. Shen An's face is pale! He thought to himself that this palm would be able to resist Sun Jingzhi's strange finger, but how could he know that the fingering of the "ghost king" was unusual? If you don't play, you will hit the opponent. Shen Tai-hsiang exclaimed, "Andy, have you suffered any internal injuries?" Shen Feiyu also asked in alarm, "Master Sun, is there any poison in the finger?" Her eyesight was superior to others, and she knew that Sun Jingzhi showed mercy. She popped up the finger only to see the frame, but not the internal force. So she was relieved that Shen An had not suffered internal injuries, but suspected that Sun Jingzhi's strange fingering contained great poison. Sun Jingzhi secretly admired Shen Feiyu's extraordinary vision, and he shook his head at once because the fingering of the "ghost king" contained great poison. Shen An's face returned to normal and he said, "Look, brother, I have no damage!" Shen Tai-hsiang, however, did not believe that his face had turned pale without any damage. "Take a breath and have a look," he said. Shen An shook his head and said, "There's really no damage. What Master Sun played was only an empty finger. Although the noise was loud, it didn't carry the internal force." Dare to hate his pale face, is frightened by Sun Jingzhi's fingering white, he really can not think of with his own palm can not stop. If the real enemy, Sun Jingzhi shot through the chest, died, he saw himself but Sun Jingzhi, not to mention his son, immediately pulled Shen Xing to step down. In this competition, even Shen Yun was unexpectedly surprised, and Shen Taixiang did not know that Sun Jingzhi's martial arts were so high! When Ruoyao saw her husband's martial arts, she was shocked on the spot. She felt that her face was very bright and she kept smiling at Sun Jingzhi. Sun Jingzhi returned to his seat. Shen Feiyu suddenly sighed and said, "Jing Zhi, why don't you learn your father's authentic boxing instead of these heretical ways?" Sun Jingzhi hung his head and said, "The younger generation learned this set of fingering by chance. Their purpose is to think about countermeasures, because the person who knows fingering is the enemy of this school." When Shen Tai-hsiang saw that the hostess had changed her name to Jingzhi and no longer called her Master Sun, it was obvious that she had taken a fancy to him, and she was really happy. Shen Feiyu said, "I see that your flying skill is similar to the" Nine Immortals Shift "of the" Lotus Shenggu ". Is it the disciple of the" Shenggu "?" Sun Jingzhi nodded his head. Shen Feiyu said with a smile, "Lotus Saint" is the swordswoman I admire most. You can worship under her door. Very good, very good.. " I wouldn't like it if your master was the founder of that set of fingering just now! "Yes, yes," replied Sun Jingzhi. Thought: "The" ghost king "is really not a good man, although not personally see the" ghost king "has very evil deeds, but his four disciples are extremely evil!" Strangely, although the "ghost king" had hurt him and understood that he was not a good man, Sun Jingzhi did not hate him. Perhaps after Sun Jingzhi taught himself "ghost flicks ten fingers",316ti stainless steel, he admired the martial arts genius of the "ghost king". "I don't know why," said Shen Feiyu. "You didn't learn your father's matchless boxing." Sun Jingzhi said sadly, "The younger generation lost their father in retirement." 。