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He likes a person all his life, does things with a clear conscience,


He likes a person all his life, does things with a clear conscience, never regrets, will not despise himself, and will not resent each other. When it was time to go to work, General Manager Yan also made a guest appearance at the front desk. Yushu stood behind the counter at the gate, hung his eyelids and pretended to type. Then he raised his eyes and swiped his card to each employee, saying "good morning". He was startled by Secretary Yao and several girls who came in with a lot of gossip. The fried cake in his mouth flew to the file table, and the steamed stuffed bun in his hand made a sound of "Zi", which made Secretary Yao's face oily soup, from mascara to shadow powder on the bridge of his nose, and then painted the full red lips modified by the new Yves Saint Laurent limited edition lipstick into a big greasy mouth, which ruined a perfect and delicate makeup. Secretary Yao, who has always been a good actor, didn't cry and hug Yan Zong's thigh to make him lose a perfect makeup face today. He didn't care about swaggering through the office area with a big greasy face. Finally, he quietly touched the boss's office and stood in front of Yan Xiaodao's desk with red lips. Yan Xiaodao raised his eyes: "What else do you want to do after the quarterly bonus has been issued?" Secretary Yao shook his head, smiled unreservedly, proud and sly, and suddenly extended his left hand to him! The middle finger of the happy girl's left hand wears a platinum diamond ring, which is not a big pigeon egg but is already very sincere to the salaried people, showing off its dazzling light on the delicate jade hand. Yan Xiaodao is stupefied, say sincerely immediately: "Congratulate you big beautiful woman, which man is so blessed?" "Thank you, General Manager Yan." Secretary Yao grinned. "Well, I asked for it last night, and I was reserved for a while." General Manager Yan, I'm sure I'll invite you even if no one invites you at the wedding! Yan Xiaodao hummed, "Do you really want to invite me, or do you want to wait for the red envelope to replace your broken car with a new one?"? Ok, I'll get the big red envelope ready first. Thank you, boss! A big red envelope is a must! Secretary Yao was elated with laughter, "I actually want to ask you to be the best man, but you are so handsome, like a star, that it is not appropriate to compare my husband with you!" Yan Xiaodao's smile quietly converged into the corners of his mouth at the moment when Secretary Yao stepped out on the high-heeled catwalk to close the door, and his facial expression and the simple and low-key office decoration background gradually merged into a blurred color. He could not help stretching out his hands, the back of the hand, the palm of the hand, and looking at them over and over for a long time. Never wear any ring, the local tyrant ostentatious jade ring and so on he is not rare to wear, congenial ring diamond ring also no one to send! His hands, which are covered with crusty scars, may be a pair of hands that are not suitable for wearing rings. He is a rough man, and no one exchanges rings with him. He has been used to it since he was a child. It seems that he has never been loved in the palm of his hand, Slate Wall Panel ,Calacatta Nano Glass, so he never expects anyone to take pity on him. In the evening, as usual, the whole staff punched in to get off work. Yan Xiaodao put on his coat and had already stepped into the elevator. Therefore, he did not hear the exclamation of Sister Yao in the office area, who finally managed to fish in troubled waters and surf the Internet for a few minutes of entertainment and gossip. Secretary Yao turned pale, and the brilliant diamond in his left hand flashed on the computer screen. He turned his head and said to his colleagues in a daze: "My God, my God, come and see, the rumors on the Internet say that who is dead, is it true or false?" Just a few days ago, he came to our company to take a group photo. He died?! The company is not far from home, and the administrative divisions belong to the new port area. When Yan Xiaodao received a phone call from Liang Youhui, he caught a glimpse of the haunting grey car behind him again. Every time the gray car just chased him, felt his whereabouts, did not hit him, did not fight with him and did not do anything bad, but our General Manager Yan was not in a good mood today. He connected the headset. "Hello, Youhui?" Liang Youhui's voice was broken and staccato. It sounded like the noisy radio waves coming from a dilapidated car stereo that was on the verge of collapse. It seemed that he was also on the way to drive: "Xiaodao, Xiaodao, where are you?" Yan Xiaodao said, "What's wrong with your voice on the way home from the company?" As he spoke, he glanced at the rearview mirror, filed his teeth coldly and suddenly turned onto the sidewalk, so that the little grey car behind him was caught off guard by him. Then he rushed down the sidewalk and caught up with the back of the gray car. The stalker becomes a stalker in an instant. Liang Youhui continued to send out a voice like a collapse wave, shaking ripples: "Little knife, can I come to you? I'm a little scared. Something happened to me.." "What's the matter? Talk to me!" Yan Xiaodao is most annoyed with his mother's speech ink. He knows that Liang Shao is still in the new district in recent days and is looking for a hotel or apartment to stay for a long time. He stepped on the accelerator to force the front car in the long snake gossip array of traffic jam after work, but stepped on the brake at the moment when he almost smashed the other side's buttocks, and rudely pushed the other side's bumper. Knife me, me, our house, no. I live in a hotel room, like a dead man. Liang Youhui's voice was drowned in the collision. What I can't hear you! When Yan Xiaodao pulled the handbrake and got out of the car, he could pull out the people in the grey car in front of him and lift his hat and sunglasses to see clearly. He always has a strange sixth sense in his heart, suspecting someone. But Liang Dashao, an ignorant loser, could hold him back at the critical moment. He only hesitated a little and just wanted to get out of the car. Unfortunately, the traffic jam in front of him was suddenly dredged, and the car slipped away with a foot on the throttle. The nameless fire in Yan Xiaodao's stomach dissipated a little. He didn't want to admit that he was stimulated by the pigeon egg in Miss Yao's hand today. He also wanted to send one. Who would he send? Who can love him once. He slowed down and drove towards his villa area: "You Hui, I didn't hear what you said just now." Liang Youhui breathed heavily, but his voice was very small. At this time, he was still avoiding the heavy and losing his mind: "Can I go to your house?"? I'm in your neighborhood now. Which building are you in? I don't have a place to live, and in my room, it's like a dead person. Liang Youhui also said some words, to Yan Xiaodao's ears, the voice was like an old jukebox grinding out the rustling texture of old records through time, and the voice was totally unreal. Yan Xiaodao gazed at the road ahead, his eyes changing color inch by inch,Grey Marble Slab, and the green Avenue around him suddenly shrank into a ball in his black pupils, then quickly enlarged and circled crazily. Youhui, what did you say? "Who is dead?!" ……。