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Seeing Po Jun nodded with a smile, the maid immediately put the coin back into her chest pocket,


Seeing Po Jun nodded with a smile, the maid immediately put the coin back into her chest pocket, between her breasts; seeing this scene, Po Jun swallowed his saliva and thought: It's really a lucky coin, if this coin is his own. In fact, we can't blame Po Jun for his poor concentration. After all, he is also young and vigorous. He has also experienced Kailu. He is no longer the first brother, and the beauty of it has long been known. Now, in a flash of four years, he has not tasted meat, and it is inevitable that he will be distracted for a while; Although Yu Si is a stunning beauty, but after experiencing Kailu and Aoba, Po Jun subconsciously has a kind of resistance to feelings, and Yu Si is not the kind of woman who can "eat and vomit", so Po Jun tries to ignore Yu Si's eyes full of expression. Now in Fengyi Pavilion, a place that only talks about money but not feelings, the broken army feels relaxed all of a sudden, and the nature of the wolf hidden in the blood is also exposed. Fengyi Pavilion is also the first class in the sex industry of the whole Kun District, and the guests who can come here to spend money are either rich or noble; but as a person who spends so much as Po Jun, in fact,micro gear motor, we can't blame her for making a fuss; because although the Magic Scorpion Star also circulates credit points, in addition to large-scale commercial transfers, most people are more accustomed to that kind of traditional, easy-to-touch currency. Scorpion star from big to small currency units are: 1 gold = 100 gold = 10000 silver coins = 1000000 copper coins; scorpion star prices compared to Helen three to five times higher than other star fields, so here the smallest currency unit copper coins, corresponding to the star currency of a credit point. Broken army as a tip to reward out of the purple knot gold is equivalent to 100 thousand credit points, you know, even in the magic scorpion star,24v Gear Motor, this planet of high consumption and high prices, a purple knot gold coin is enough for an ordinary family of three, living for more than three years. Pojun, who is young, rich and handsome, is the favorite in the romantic field. The maid in green is a service worker. According to the regulations, she doesn't have to accept guests unless she wants to. But now she is eager for the other party to order her stage. After all, it is every young girl who wants to have a spring breeze with such an excellent man; If the only thing that the green maid was not satisfied with was the heavy black cloak on the broken army, which made the broken army look a little strange. By the way, I haven't asked this lady yet. What's your name? Looking at the green maid who led the way slowly in front of him, the broken army asked softly. The slave is only a maid, but dare not enjoy the title of young lady. You can call the little maidservant Lvruer. "Green Ru answered the broken army, but the pace did not stop, continue to stuffy head forward." Lvruer, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, where are we going? The broken army looked at Lvru and took him all the way through several pavilions and courtyards without the slightest intention to stop, and asked curiously. "Ah, don't you come to see the flower queen contest?" Lu Ru stopped in surprise and turned back to ask the broken army strangely. Oh, I'm from Gen District. I came to Kun District for the first time today. I'm not very clear about everything here, and I don't know what's going on in the Flower Queen Competition. The broken army answered shyly. Yeah, that's it! Although after the explanation of the broken army, Lvru is still very strange, although the fantasy city is too big, some people have never stepped out of their own area throughout their lives; but that only refers to ordinary people, see the broken army when entering the door, you can know that he is rich; Rich people like this, did not go around the district to play, then there is only one possibility, the other side just came to the Scorpion Star soon. Although she can't understand the ignorance of the broken army, she patiently explains to the broken army what the so-called flower queen is all about; Kun District, also known as the powder district, is the real red-light district in the fantasy city; there are tens of thousands of sex service industries in the whole district. However, there are only a few dozen places that are truly ranked at the top level. In order to gain popularity and earn a place, dozens of first-class pornographic places hold a flower queen contest every five years, each of which promotes a popular pillar in the courtyard to participate in the selection, invites many wealthy guests to join in, and elects the so-called four flower queens and a champion in the flower. This kind of competition has been going on for thousands of years, because the rise and fall of each service place is uncertain, so the place where the flower queen contest is held is decided by drawing lots from the first-class places in the year of the competition; This year's flower queen contest was held in the Fengyi Pavilion. Nearly 100,000 guests came to participate in this sacred ceremony. Among them, some of the great figures of Helen Star outside the Magic Scorpion Star came to participate by concealing their identities and making up, expecting to leave a romantic story of gifted scholars and beautiful women. Of course, those who can enter the stadium are either rich or noble, because even the most peripheral seats need a purple knot gold coin, and as for a luxury box, it is absolutely a huge number. After hearing Lvru's explanation, the broken army was ashamed, he did not expect the flower queen contest to be so famous, but such a big event, Yu Bo that damn fat man did not tell himself, really hateful! The broken army absolutely did not believe that Yu Bo would not know the relevant news of the competition. Volume 7 Sun and Moon Empire Chapter 146 Flower Queen Competition (Part 1) After arriving at the competition venue, Po Jun found that the entire venue actually covered an area of nearly 100,000 square meters; surrounded by a circle of seats, the most central position was a circular square covering an area of more than 1,000 square meters, and there was a pink terrace more than ten meters high on the field. Po Jun wondered to himself, because he could still see the scenery on the high platform with his eyesight at such a long distance. However, Po Jun didn't believe that all the hundreds of thousands of people attending the meeting were masters with torch-like eyes like him. How could other people see the scene of the game in the center? When he asked the green Ru beside him doubtfully, he provoked a sharp laugh from the other side. Seeing Po Jun's gloomy face, Lu Ru quickly straightened her posture, apologized to Po Jun,Small Geared Motors, and carefully explained to him; Lu Ru pointed to the crystal ball suspended in front of each seat and said: "That is the eye of truth, through which all participants can observe the competition scene on the high platform!" Broken army oh, but then said to himself: "That is not similar to watching the film broadcast?"? These people are really idle. 。