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"Why, Master Jiang is playing a romantic song and showing off


"Why, Master Jiang is playing a romantic song and showing off his skills, and you are so intoxicated?"? If Chen Shaoyang played his tricks on women for a while, you would not cry and shout and refuse to let go. It seems that you did not let him have nothing to do, or how to see is a'Cinderella 'who has never seen the world. Lin Miao listened to her words, openly and secretly are slander, why this, she need not ask also understand some. Lin Miao said with a smile, "It's a pity that my family has no stepmother, no bad sister, and I don't dream of marrying a prince." "Hum, how funny, no dream, then what are you doing here with him?" Li Jiawen seemed to be telling a big joke, full of ridicule. He asked me to come, so I came. I'm very happy to meet some friends. I also gained some insights, such as seeing some frustrated women, which is very sad. But can not figure out the situation, 'injustice has a head, debt has a master', she did not find that real, fixed that person to vent, but to find an innocent passer-by trouble. It is a ridiculous and meaningless act to treat the symptoms but not the root causes. There are so many women in this world. Do you want every woman around him to see you dressed in beautiful clothes, but full of evil words,facial recognition thermometer, like a jealous woman.. "You.." Lin Miao's words seemed to have touched Li Jiawen's sore spot. She raised her hand and splashed the red wine in her hand at Lin Miao. When she was about to raise her hand to slap Lin Miao, she was stopped and scolded. Jiawen, what are you doing? Aren't you ashamed, in front of so many old friends? It was Fang Hua who spoke and held Li Jiawen. She said to Lin Miao, "Don't mind. I think she drank too much." "I didn't drink too much, Fang Hua, you let me go quickly, let me." Li Jiawen shouted, as if she had lost her mind a little. What do you want to do? Suddenly,Interactive digital signage, Chen Shaoyang's voice came in, and his figure slowly came this way. He smiled coldly and his eyes were a little hostile. Li Jiawen, haven't you made any progress since you were a child? Like a shrew, without any disguise. Don't you understand? When you grow up, you have to learn to restrain yourself. If you make a lot of noise, you will let others see your jokes. Chen Shaoyang said, pulling Lin Miao over, pulling out a handkerchief from his pocket and gently wiping it for her, as meticulously as wiping his daughter's dirty mouth. After a while, he grinned at the crazy woman opposite and said, "We have grown up. Don't hold on to the fairy tales of childhood any more. If we are too disconnected, we will lose our reason. Like a madman, it is difficult to be a friend.". Today you drink too much, I do not dispute with you, I do not beat women, but will not let go of bullying my woman. You see clearly, the person I like is my baby, touch screen kiosk ,touch screen digital signage, and you can't break it up by fighting. Say that finish, ignore stay on the spot Li Jiawen, take Lin Miao's hand directly out of the villa door. When he got into the car, he suddenly patted Lin Miao on the cheek and said, "I know you have been wronged. She is a spoiled child by adults. For the sake of my childhood, let's forgive her once. I promise there will be no next time, OK?". Let me have a look at your eyes. Why are they red? Even your nose is red. Chen Shaoyang raised Lin Miao's chin and stared at her little face tightly. Lin Miao felt that her eyes were a little hurt by alcohol, her eyes were red, and suddenly she had a little desire to cry. Why did you bring me to a place like this? Do you want people to laugh at me? Chen Shaoyang looked at Lin Miao and laughed. "Why not?"? You are my girlfriend, shouldn't I take you? Besides, do you think you have something to make people laugh at? No, right. Good. I like a confident cat. From your smile, I have never seen any inferiority, but I have seen a free and easy excitement. What a trouble! Do you have a conscience or not, my little cat? Chen Shaoyang said touching Lin Miao's face, the light shone through the glass, Lin Miao looked at his half dim, half bright face, handsome outline clear and upright, but unusual ghost. However, remember, no matter who the other side is, if someone bullies you, learn to fight back. Cat, I will protect you, but when I am not around you, you have to learn to protect yourself, that is the most reliable thing. You are a fierce cat, and sometimes you look very beautiful when you show your teeth and claws. I like your cute and clever appearance, and I also like your pungent and flamboyant appearance. I don't want you to be bullied by anyone, so I'm not afraid you'll get me into trouble. "If you were the one who hurt me, would you give me a chance to fight back?" Lin Miao asked earnestly. Cat, the opportunity can not rely on others to give, mainly by their own fight. I think I am reluctant, but if you think I bullied you, I wonder how you will deal with me? Chen Shaoyang's warm smile, eyes have a faint fragrance floating, Lin Miao saw in the eyes, suddenly a whirl in front of her eyes, and then a blur in her brain, she whispered in the bottom of her heart, do not believe that this is just his usual trick to coax women, but somewhere in her heart is trembling. Sometimes his words do not always stop at kissing me. He will encourage her in some things, as if he is teaching her to grow up. Later, when she grew up, she realized that she was just too young and too easily moved. Also is Chen Shaoyang is too fierce, always can knock to move her at that time in the heart of the weak place, let her can not but be moved. Some words accumulate into a force bit by bit in my heart, so there is a kind of ignorance that can not be said clearly, and begin to hit my heart. She did not know what emotion it was, but began to have a little desire, as if for a kind of warmth, or for a kind of guardianship, or something else,outdoor digital signage displays, but she could not answer. She didn't know what to do to get rid of the confusion. Only when Chen Shaoyang bent down to kiss her lips, for fear of falling into some dark whirlpool, she reached out and hugged his strong back tightly. Fall.