I robbed the favor of the white moonlight.

For Xiao yuan children do not cooperate,


For Xiao yuan children do not cooperate, Shen Mingqing very hard to try to arouse the interest of Xiao yuan children, "yuan yuan, called'Niang '." Come and learn from your mother. 'Niang '.. Shen Mingqing lengthened his voice. Unfortunately, Xiao yuan's children should play and eat, but he refused to open his mouth again. Let Shen Mingqing doubt whether yuan yuan really called her'Niang 'at the beginning. Chun Mian and Zhan Xia patted their chests and assured Shen Mingqing that they had indeed heard the little master calling Niang. Shen Mingqing finally no longer immersed in the worry of his brother's test, but wanted to hear yuan yuan call her'Niang 'again. For several days in a row, Shen Mingqing did not hear Xiao yuan baby call her'Niang ', but she called Xiao yuan baby countless'Niang', Shen Mingqing felt that he was taken advantage of. Depression! Spring sleep and war summer want to laugh but dare not laugh. Why are the master and the little master so funny? When Xiao Jingyan came, Shen Mingqing, who was unwilling to be taken advantage of in vain, rolled his eyes and praised Xiao yuan in a very exaggerated tone for his feat of being called'Niang '. Xiao Jingyan was really moved. Holding Xiao yuan's little friend, "yuan yuan is good, call'Dad '!" Shen Mingqing in the side Hei Hei titter, waiting for Xiao Jingyan Baba called Xiao yuan children countless'Dad ', but the next moment, Shen Mingqing's smile froze on his face. Because, Xiao yuan raised the lovely smiling face of Yuxue and called out'Dad 'sweetly and simply. Shen Mingqing was so angry that he wanted to roll his eyes. She Baba begged Xiao yuan children for several days, have taught her countless times'Niang ',interactive panel board, she refused to open a golden mouth, as a result, Xiao Jingyan came, she simply called someone else's father. Really Vinegar to deformation. Spring sleep and war summer really can not help, hurried out of the house, find a place to laugh. This is so much fun. The master was so pitiful that he was eaten to death by the little master. Xiao Jingyan looked at Shen Mingqing, who had been wronged and deformed, and asked,smart board whiteboard, "What's wrong?" Shen Mingqing is very shameless to tell her daughter, "I have taught her several days'Niang ', she did not call me, you come, she called, good vinegar." Xiao Jingyan laughed, hugged Xiao yuan's little friend, and pointed to Shen Mingqing, "yuan yuan, called'Niang '.." "Mother!" Xiao yuan finally opened his mouth sweetly. Shen Mingqing felt that he had been hit by a crit! I don't want to talk to these two men! Hum! Show off! After the exam, my brother sent a message saying that he was all right. Only then did Shen Mingqing put down his heart. Every day, in addition to the battle of wits and courage with Xiao yuan's children, he waited for his brother to release the list. But on the day of the release of the list, Shen Mingqing had not yet waited for the news of his brother's nomination for the Golden List, smart board for conference room ,4k smart board, but first waited for the news that Ye's side imperial concubine was going to be born. The author has something to say: "Wanran Ruo Shu, Mu Ruo Qingfeng" comes from Baidu God. Chapter 82 Leaf side imperial concubine started, princess Qin Junzhen has rushed to, she is one of the side imperial concubines, also want to guard there. Shen Mingqing's face wrinkled into a steamed stuffed bun. She doesn't want to go! It's not that she wants to wait for her brother's list to come out in Liyuyuan, so she doesn't want to go. But, the leaf side imperial concubine produces, Shen Mingqing is afraid that the Lang princess will make a move in this pass. Who knows if Princess Lang will make her a scapegoat?! Throw dirt on her?! Shen Mingqing cherishes his life very much. If, at ordinary times, Shen Mingqing definitely said to Princess Lang that she was sick and asked for leave, but she was in the Liyu Courtyard. But not today. Today is the day of my brother's release. No one in the house will believe that she is sick. They will only think that she is arrogant. In order to wait for his brother to release the news, even the sisters in the house do not care, impersonal, cold-blooded. Shen Mingqing could imagine that if she did not go today, there would be rumors against her all over the house tomorrow. If you don't get it right, you will sue Princess Lang. Princess Lang didn't treat her as well as she did when she first entered the mansion. If she was caught, she would definitely be punished. Shen Mingqing was immediately caught in a dilemma. It's hard to go or not. Master, don't worry. The old slave will accompany you. When Mammy Shen saw that Shen Mingqing was as scared as a tiger of the Jade Court, she said aloud. It has been more than a year since she came to Liyu Courtyard, and Mammy Shen can basically guess what Shen Mingqing is worried about. Her master was very timid and had no intention of harming others. She just wanted to live a good life in her own land. It's just that the tree wants to be quiet, but the wind will not stop. The woman in the backyard can survive, which is not ruthless? The heart is not ruthless, the hand is not hot, the mind is not clear has long turned into a handful of loess. Mammy Shen understood why the King of Lang had sent her to the Liyu Courtyard and refused to let her go. Her master, if no one protects her, is afraid that she will be gnawed by these women in the backyard. It's not that her master is stupid, so she will die. Her master is not stupid, on the contrary, the mind is exquisite, a little thorough. However, her master was too soft-hearted and timid. He could only defend and did not know how to fight back. Fighting back is the best way to protect herself. Unfortunately, her master won't. She and Wang Ye can only take care of more. But then again, what Wang Ye likes is not the clean appearance of Master Shen? "Mammy Shen, it's great to have you here." Shen Mingqing felt relieved. If she went with Mammy Shen, she would never leave Mammy Shen. With Mammy Shen, even if Princess Lang wanted to use tricks, she could not escape Mammy Chen's eyes. Without Mammy Shen, she would have been sad today. With the guarantee of safety, Shen Mingqing hurriedly changed her clothes and hurried to Miaoyuyuan with Mammy Shen and Donghuan. When they went, Miaoyuyuan was in a mess. Lang Princess Qin Junzhen, dressed in a bright red golden crabapple flower tail Luo skirt, was standing in the courtyard, looking solemn, eyebrows sharp, left and right confidant big servant girl standing behind her, Luo Mammy holding her. Not far behind them were all the women in the backyard of Langwangfu,smart board touch screen, including Su Xuehen. Observing the impatient expression between his eyebrows, it was obvious that he had not come voluntarily, for fear that Princess Lang had forced him to come. Shen Mingqing could not help but draw a cold breath. hsdsmartboard.com