Jin Man Cang in the 1980s

"The cost is not low, and the rent here is not much lower than Huaihai Road,


"The cost is not low, and the rent here is not much lower than Huaihai Road, but I also hired two more salesmen." Yang Ningxin pointed to the two salesmen standing behind the counter who were greeting each other and looking at the goods: "Where is the little girl from Shanghai?" Duan Dapeng followed her eyes and looked over: "Does the little girl in Shanghai need more salary?" Yang Ningxin shook her head with a smile: "No." "Isn't that the same?"? Why did you suddenly bring up their identities in particular? Duan Dapeng looked at the two salesmen again: "The little girl is quite young. She should have just graduated from high school." Yang Ningxin nodded: "Yes, youth is young, monitor, I think one of them is particularly good-looking, have you seen it?" Duan Dapeng's smile gradually converged: "Yang Ningxin, do you want to introduce a girlfriend to me?" "No!" Yang Ningxin shrugged: "I simply think that little girl is very good-looking." Duan Dapeng did not speak for a long time. After a while, he opened his mouth sullenly: "Yang Ningxin, I have already seen it. Feelings can't be forced. What you like is Qiu Chengcai. Why do I have to mess around in the middle?"? Can't we just be good friends? Do you have to force me to find a girlfriend so that you can rest assured to associate with me? Yang Ningxin bit her lip and did not speak. She did not deliberately want to introduce Duan Dapeng, but found that a Shanghai girl recruited was really good-looking, with a pair of big eyes, a sweet smile, and was very observant and quick to do things. Yang Ningxin likes this little girl very much. When she just saw Duan Dapeng,silk cherry blossom tree, she suddenly pulled her head and had a feeling of wanting to pull the red line. Don't be hard on yourself, and don't be hard on me. Duan Dapeng watched her gradually bow her head, and felt a little uncomfortable: "I hope we can always be good friends, and don't fall out one day.". Let's open a store together and make money together. We're just business partners. That's all. Yang Ningxin nodded: "I also hope that we can always be good friends, I am sorry,faux ficus tree, I should not suddenly want to give you a red line, I was wrong." Duan Dapeng could only see her beautiful black hair at this time. The summer wind blew in from the gate and blew up a few of her long hair, as if the willows of spring were swimming in the spring breeze, touching people's hearts. She is a good girl, but unfortunately she already has someone she likes, and she is already late. Like a person, do not have to have, silently concerned about her, deeply bless her, but also enough. Letting go is also a way of love, faux grass wall ,large palm trees for sale, isn't it? Qiu Chengcai has been with the dog egg, helping to introduce the pager to customers. When he was thirsty, someone handed over a glass of water: "Please drink water." He glanced at the girl who handed over the water. She should be about the same age as him. She smiled sweetly. She put the water into his hand and handed another glass of water to the dog egg: "Manager Yang, please take a sip of water." "Who is this?" "She is a shop assistant from Xiaoliu's hometown. Her surname is Gu. We all call her Yingzi." The dog egg looks at Gu Huiying's back, in the heart sighs, this is a diligent girl. He glanced in another direction and saw Yang Ningxin and Duan Dapeng talking. "Oh," Goudan gently pushed Duan Dapeng with his hand. "Why don't you go and talk to Xiaoliu?" "She's talking to the monitor of her class. I won't bother them." Qiu Chengcai smiled. He wanted to give Xiao Liu full trust. He couldn't see her talking to other boys. It was a bit like supervising her. What bother not to bother? How could you let other boys stay with her for so long? The dog egg is pushing Qiu Chengcai to go to that side: "You are the brother-in-law that we identify, can not let the family abduct small six to run away.". ” "Is Xiao Liu so easy to be abducted?" Qiu Chengcai smiled, but he still walked toward Yang Ningxin: "Xiaoliu, it's so busy outside today. It seems that the dog egg has no time to cook. How about we go to buy some food and cook lunch?" "Well, there are five people in the shop now anyway, and it's almost dealt with." Yang Ningxin took one look at Duan Dapeng: "Come here to have dinner together?" "Well, there's a free lunch. Why not?" Duan Dapeng smiled: "I will also contribute a special dish." "Can you cook?" Yang Ningxin some do not believe: "You this cadre family comes out the child, can also cook the meal by oneself?" Why don't you believe it? My parents had to study at that time, and they were too busy to come back to cook dinner for me. When I was seven or eight years old, I began to learn to cook noodles by myself. When I was a teenager, I could fry eggs and vegetables. "You are really good!" Yang Ningxin praised him from the bottom of her heart: "Like Qiu Chengcai and me, both of us are lame. Cooking these meals can only be dealt with carelessly. It's no problem to cook them, but it's no good to make them delicious." In her previous life, she was forced to do all kinds of housework when she was a child. Cooking was natural, but it was just cooked. She had no chance to go to the kitchen in her life. Liao Xiaomei's food was so good that she loved her too much. She could only sit at the table and wait for her to eat. At most, she helped her wash the vegetables. Sometimes just got into the kitchen, Wang Yueya was pulled out: "Xiao Liu, let's not go to the kitchen, let your mother do it alone." Wang Yueya is always worried that she will hurt her hand in the kitchen, but this is certainly impossible for Yang Ningxin, but Wang Yueya does not know the origin of Yang Ningxin, every time she gets into the kitchen, she is brought out by Wang Yueya. Not to mention Qiu Chengcai, his mother Lin Shuying did not go into the kitchen, it was all arranged by his aunt, and he could cook two dishes without a teacher. Duan Dapeng can be regarded as the master of the three of them who is very familiar with the vegetable market. He led Yang Ningxin and Qiu Chengcai to the nearby vegetable market. There were many Shanghai uncles in the market, wearing pajamas,fake ficus tree, carrying a basket in their hands, and walking around with slippers, bargaining with this one and competing with that one. It was very interesting. hacartificialtree.com