Murder on Halloween _ Agatha Christie

"Yes.". At first it was simple.. Olga must be removed.


"Yes.". At first it was simple.. Olga must be removed. Because she knows something about the rider # 8212; and she has to be the scapegoat. Take the fall for forgery. Mrs. Llewellyn Smythe hid the original. So I guess he paid young Ferrier to forge a similar document. It is so obvious that it is a forgery that it immediately arouses suspicion. It was destined to be silenced by his death. I quickly learned that Leslie. Ferrier and Olga don't have much of a relationship. It's just that Mitchell.. Garfield hinted to me that they were close, and I think it was Mitchell who paid Ferrier. And it was Mitchell who won the heart of the foreign girl. Garfield.. He warned the girl to keep quiet, especially not to tell her employer. On the one hand, he promised to marry her in the future, but on the other hand, he sacrificed her coldly in order to get a huge inheritance with Mrs. Drake. There's no need for Olga to.. It is enough to make Seminova suspect that she has been accused of forgery. The forged documents were clearly in her favor. She could easily do this, as there is evidence that she often writes on behalf of her employer and is good at imitating his font. If she suddenly disappeared, people would think that she not only forged documents, but also might be responsible for the sudden death of her employer. So at the right time,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, Olga.. Semenov died. Leslie.. Ferrier's murder gave the appearance of gang infighting, or of being hacked to death by a jealous woman. However, the knife found in the accident was very consistent with the knife wound he suffered. I knew Olga's body must be hidden nearby, but I couldn't find it until one day I heard Miranda ask about a wishing well and urged Mitchell. Garfield took her to see.. And I was rejected,ultrasonic handheld welder, and that's when I got a clue. Talking to Mrs. Goodbody soon, I said I didn't know where the missing girl had gone, and she answered. The spring tinkles and the cat falls into the well. So I'm pretty sure the girl's body is in the wishing well. I found the well in the woods of the quarry garden. It was from Mitchel. On a slope not far from Garfield's cabin. I think either Miranda witnessed the murder, or she saw the disposal of the body. Mrs. Drake and Mitchell were afraid someone had seen it, but they didn't know who it was. Now that they are safe, they are gradually relieved. . They made a plan and didn't panic. Yeah, but we're already on it. She talked about buying land abroad to give the impression that she wanted to leave Woodley Village. Because this place made her so sad, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic generator driver, and of course the source of her sadness was the early death of her husband. Everything is done in a convenient way. Suddenly, before Halloween, Joyce claims to have witnessed a murder. It's like a thunderbolt. At this point, Rowena understood.. It might be said that she understood that it was Joyce who was in the forest that day. She didn't miss the opportunity and did it immediately. However, the matter did not end there. Little Leopold came to ask for money. He said he wanted to buy something. 。 I don't know how much he guessed or knew, but he was Joyce's brother. So they probably think he knows a lot more than he really does. So-he's dead, too. "You suspect her because of the important clue of water," said Mrs. Oliver. "Then why do you suspect Mitchell? What about Garfield's? "He was the most suitable man in every respect," Poirot said simply, "and then for the last time with Mitchel. . When Garfield talked, I confirmed my judgment. He smiled at me and said, "stay away from me." The devil! Satan. Go to your cop friends. So I understood it all. The reverse is also true. I said to myself, I am getting farther and farther away from you, devil Satan. Such a young and handsome devil is the Satan of the world. There was a woman sitting in the room, who had not spoken, and she could not help sitting in her chair. This demon. She said. Yes I understand now.. He's always been like this. He is very handsome. "Said Poirot." He also loves beauty. Love the beauty he creates with his mind, his imagination, and his hands. He would give anything for it. I want He loved the child Miranda in his own way-and he was going to sacrifice her to save himself. 。 He carefully arranged the plan and carried it out as a ritual. It can also be said that Miranda was instilled with this idea. She'll tell him when she's leaving Woodley Village and he'll show her how to meet you at the restaurant where you had lunch with Mrs. Oliver. . She will be found next to the mark of the double-edged axe at the Kilterbury Arena. . With a golden wine cup at his side # 8212; a ritual sacrifice. 。” "Crazy." Judith # 183; Butler said .“ He must be crazy. "Madame, your daughter has been saved-but I would like to know one thing." "Monsieur Poirot, I will tell you anything you want to know." She is your daughter # 8212; is she Mitchel, too? . Garfield's daughter? Judith was silent for a moment, and then she said, "Yes." "And she doesn't know it?" "Yes." Little did she know. It was a coincidence to meet him again here. I knew him when I was very young. I was madly in love with him,ultrasonic extraction cbd, and then I was terrified. 。” "Fear?" "Yes." I don't know why.. It is not that he has done anything to frighten me, but that I am afraid of his nature. He is gentle on the surface, but under this veil. But it is cold and dissolute. I'm more afraid of his passion for beauty and creation. I didn't tell him I was having a baby. I left him # 8212; I changed places. The baby was born.. I made up a lie that my husband was a pilot and lost his life. I keep moving.. It is also very accidental to come to Woodley New Village. I signed a contract to work as a secretary in Manchester. 。