News Date :10/24/2022

Music & Dance Academy in Tucson Offers Best Voice Lessons

we offer personalized instruction through private lessons, group classes and ensembles, as well as master classes and workshops. Whether you are a beginner, or an advanced student, you will discover a style of teaching that fits your personality, and your personal goals.


Violin Lessons in Tucson

The string program at Music Dance Academy offers violin lessons, viola, and cello, as well as opportunities to play in a string ensemble, to students of all ages and skill levels, from those who have never played an instrument before to those who are very experienced. Their teachers are seasoned experts with college degrees from all over the world.

Students can try out a wide range of concertos, sonatas, and virtuoso pieces from a large repertoire as they improve. For younger children, they strongly suggest that a parent comes to class so that they can help the student with their posture, hand position, etc., at home.

Children and adults in Tucson, Arizona, can participate in several recitals where they can show off their musical skills to family and friends. They add to their private cello, viola, and violin lesson by playing in an ensemble or fiddling group at their concerts.


Voice Lessons in Tucson, AZ

From beginners to experts, students of all ages and skill levels can take voice lessons or learn how to sing at the Academy. Their teachers sing everything from pop songs to opera. They have advanced degrees in music with a focus on voice and a lot of performance experience. Their goal is to teach each student to sing with ease, confidence, and enjoyment.

Students can learn different kinds of music, from favorite bands to classical arias. Voice lessons teach the basics of breathing, controlling the diaphragm, the anatomy of the vocal mechanism, correct and easy posture, vocal support, tone creation, and diction in a fun and helpful way. Students will also learn pitch, singing by ear, general music theory, ear training, agility, projection, timing, and phrasing.

The teachers at the academy tailor voice lesson to specific goals, like improving your basic vocal skills or getting you ready for a music career. Many students find that voice training makes it easier to express themselves in different situations, such as public speaking, school, and other art forms. They try to develop each student's love of music by giving them a complete, flexible program that meets their individual needs.

Children and adults in Tucson, Arizona, can participate in many recitals where they can show their musical skills to family and friends.


Piano lessons 

The Academy gives piano lesson in various classical, jazz, and pop styles. Some kids want to play for fun, while others do better with a more challenging curriculum. Because of this, they try very hard to match each student with an instructor who is the best fit for their age and skill level, from beginners to advanced students.

Why should you take piano lessons at Music Dance Academy?

They have the best piano teachers in Tucson, Arizona. All of them have advanced degrees from universities. Their piano teachers can work with kids from the first time they play the piano to high school seniors who want to make a career out of music. We welcome adults who have never played the piano before or who haven't played in a while. Whether you like jazz, pop, or classical music, they have a teacher who can meet your needs.

Teachers will choose the best teaching methods based on what each student needs. They will add to the repertoire by playing the best pieces of music from the Baroque period up to the present day. Students are taught how to use their hands and arms naturally, including how to sit at the piano, move their fingers quickly and easily, and make a beautiful sound on the instrument.

In piano lesson, students will learn the basics of music, such as how to read music notation, the difference between rhythm and meter, harmony, reading music by sight, and music theory. For more advanced students, the lessons will focus on developing advanced technical and interpretive skills, a wide range of tones, and a thorough understanding of music theory and structure.

Children and adults in Tucson, Arizona, can participate in several recitals where they can show off their musical skills to family and friends.