Crossing the Second World-Hiroko

How powerful is the singing of this skill for such a long time? Can summer bear it.


That is to say, the all-out attack in the summer just now is not as powerful as that of the Great Demon King of Kaka. How can such strength defeat the other side? So the idea of being invincible makes people lose their fighting spirit. Including the summer, this kind of blow is too unacceptable, their own 180 level gods, almost the peak of the player's existence, but for the big devil Kaka is simply a clown. The feeling of powerlessness has also hit the confidence of the summer. Although I am looking forward to such a battle, it is too different. Now it is not my challenge, but it is absolutely impossible to defeat. Just like a snake opens its mouth wide to eat an elephant, and he is the snake, full of confidence to open his mouth wide that he thinks he can swallow everything, but when he wants to swallow the elephant, he realizes that he is deceiving himself. Drops ~ ~ ~ ~ The metal wings of the big devil of Kaka slowly separated, revealing the body of the big devil of Kaka. It was this wing that completely destroyed the confidence of summer. Kaka did not attack immediately, but looked at the summer with a smile: "Very good, you go all out at the beginning, I appreciate your serious attitude." Then he looked at the goddess of ice and snow and said, "Don't you understand my strength?"? Do you and Seraph think that I am the one he can challenge now, when your master is so confident to challenge me? People are speechless, the goddess of ice and snow has said many times that summer is not the opponent of the Great Demon King of Kaka, but the goddess of ice and snow has not fought with the Great Demon King of Kaka at all, so even now, the Goddess of Ice and Snow and Seraphim are shocked. Although I know that there is a big gap between myself and the big devil of Kaka,stainless steel edging strip, but I didn't think that the gap is so different, is the big devil of Kaka really unchallengeable? Then he took a step forward and looked at the summer and said: "Very good, since you go all out, I will not be sorry for you, I will take out one of my most powerful skills to solve you, also worthy of you can come here, please don't be discouraged, you should know that strength can be improved.." No one thought that the big devil of Kaka would say so,tile profile factory, and summer came out slowly in shock. Although it was unchallengeable, it did not mean that he did not even have a chance of one in a hundred million or one in ten billion. Even boos, which was a hundred times more powerful than the big devil of Kaka, was not completely without a chance. Once upon a time, how many times I felt powerless, for the first time, Kaka Xiaoguai of Nanming Lake, at that time I was not very powerless? Kanon Demon King, as well as the messenger of Kaman and so on these boos, when they are their opponents, but they still survived, although Kaman was hung up that time, and finally the black hole of the Seraph destroyed it, but their ultimate goal is not that way! And, this time, tile trim factory ,china tile trim, this time is absolutely the battle I want, the kind of battle that I am not sure of victory at all, but what I want to instill in myself is confidence, even so what can I do? I have to have the confidence to overcome it, even if the final failure, their own efforts, they know the gap between themselves and the big devil Kaka, also did not come once in vain. Their outlook on life will not change, always define what they do as their own sand, fall and get sand, and when they fall more times, the accumulation of sand will be more, then they can build other people's graves.. Chapter 604 the insistence. Kaka big devil's attack let everyone feel helpless, the strength of the summer is known to everyone, and that triple hit people also know how powerful, but it is such an invincible skill in the hands of Kaka big devil simply can not create a little damage value. (.. Update our speed first. ) What is this concept ah, everyone once again turned their eyes to the summer, because this time the summer should let all the people on, after all, this is not his own can handle the monster. But surprisingly, summer did not mean to let everyone go together. Did he have to resist himself? Nangong Haotian and Feng Ruxuan are eager to try, although such boos themselves may not be able to destroy a little life value, at least they do not want to look at the summer and the big devil of Kaka. Summer walked forward again and said, "Come on, I will take your best shot!" " Kaka Demon King was satisfied to be able to attack himself with the most powerful attack, because he was able to resist his attack. When Summer had finished, he turned around and said, "Go back to the door!" Everyone is surprised, is he going to bear an attack? And will this attack implicate these people? There is still a long way to go between himself and Kaka Demon King. How big is his skill range? And the monomer PK must use the monomer skill, so how big can the range be? Summer looked at Nangong Haotian nodded, the latter one Leng, he should believe him, then walked to the door. Feng Ruxuan and the crowd looked at Nangong Haotian in surprise, since he has chosen to believe in the summer, these people have nothing to insist on. One by one slowly walked to the door, summer turned to look at the big devil, the latter nodded: "Yes, so your friend will not be implicated, take my skill!" Said Kaka big demon king's wings with a little black light, not much, almost can be counted with the naked eye, floating on his metal wings. (..) Summer knows that this attack is likely to be the ultimate skill of Kaka Demon King, so he can't lose, only in this way can he give himself, give Feng Ruxuan their confidence, more importantly, to attack the arrogance of Kaka Demon King, let him know that he is not so easy to defeat! The hall was quiet for a while, no one was talking,stainless steel edge trim, no one was thinking about anything else, Feng Ruxuan Nangong Haotian and Shangguan Yaner, they all looked straight at the skills of Kaka Demon King. The stars on the wings make people feel very uneasy. How powerful is the singing of this skill for such a long time? Can summer bear it.