Sexy husband: My husband is a snake.

But since Thor ran away Lingmu also has no way, he is an instant move away,endless pool factory, Lingmu's dark flash is still cooling, there is no skill to catch up with him. So I can only turn around, there is a Melbourne here!.


Looking at the collapse of Linor's face, I was so playful that I was about to continue to touch her, but the door opened with a snap. As soon as I looked there, I saw someone standing outside the door, who was the object of our conversation. Chapter 49 Qian's brothers and sisters. The expressions on my and Linor's faces instantly froze at the corners of my mouth. The girl reacted so quickly that as soon as she saw that the situation was not right, she pulled up her bag and covered her stomach and said that she had a stomachache. She rushed out in a hurry and let her out of the ward safely. Looking at her disappearing figure, still hanging in the ward, I looked at the needle in my hand and shed two bitter tears. Then look at Mi Yuchen that deep as if something in front of him can not escape like the eyes, I shivered, simply two eyes a roll down on the bed, pretend to be dizzy! The sound of footsteps gradually approached me. I could not help clenching my fists and stiffening my body motionless, not stopping to cheer myself up in my heart. Finally, the footsteps stopped, but there was no sound. I waited for a while and opened my eyes nervously. I saw Mi Yuchen looking at me with a pair of happy and angry eyes, which made me shiver. Just as I was about to squeeze out two drops of tears to pretend to be a small white flower, I heard him say lightly: "When you pretend to be dizzy, your left eyebrow is half an inch higher than your right one, your eyelids are stretched, your right face is tighter than your left one, the whole face is so twisted that you can't bear to look directly at it, and the The lying posture is comparable to that of a dead mantis. I also listen not to go down again, clap a bed, brush the ground to sit up: "You Ya intentionally?" Say that finish, see Mi Yuchen slightly squint eyes, think of our two force gap, I immediately put on a pair of dog legs face: "handsome, handsome, Yushu Linfeng snake respect adults ah, little brain just now,outdoor whirlpool tub, recall oneself want to throw oneself a slap, you adults have a lot of when nothing happened, ah?" Then I was going to flatter him that he could push a boat, and I heard him say, "Then you slap yourself." I was stunned, and the words of praise were stuck in my throat. Raised his hand and hesitated to pretend to throw himself a slap, then saw Mi Yuchen throw a mobile phone into my arms, turned around and walked out. I touched the new machine, and finally reacted: "You play with me!" " "It's good to know." The old man answered angrily and said, "But this time you have suffered, and I will make it up to you." As soon as he moved his hand, something flew out of his sleeve. When he fixed his eyes on it, he saw several more gold bars beside my bed. He rubbed them hard, but they were all true! The corners of my mouth suddenly reached the root of my ears. The act of slapping a jujube is unpleasant, but I can't bear it. This jujube is my great love! After collecting the things happily, China spa factory ,endless swim spa, Linno poked his head out of nowhere, looked around, and ran to my bedside. He patted my dog face and said, "Oh, love nourishes people. Look at the corners of your mouth!" I slapped the past: "You have no loyalty of things, roll!" " "Be good, I know you are angry from embarrassment. Don't be afraid. I won't laugh at you." As she spoke, she touched my dog's head and burst out laughing. I rolled my eyes and opened the old man's machine. As soon as the screen lit up, I saw hundreds of missed calls. When I opened them, they were all Qian Jinghao's. There are several text messages, in addition to a Xiao Rui, two 10086, the rest are all Qian Jinghao. Lin Nuo looked over, took my cell phone and pressed it, then took her cell phone for comparison, and suddenly said, "I said whose number is this? It's Qian Xinyue's brother!" "He called you, too?" I asked. Linno nodded: "Yes, there was more than one. But I was dealing with things when he called at the beginning. I didn't know the number and ignored it. Later, when things were finished, you called. Listen to your lack of breath. It's still about the corpse eater. Look at the number and call again. I'm not happy. I went directly to the blacklist!"! However Lin Norton touched his chin and said, "If the caller is Qian Jinghao, I guess he wants to know about Xiao Qiqi through us!" I nodded approvingly: "I guess so. Last time the Xiao family exorcised evil spirits, he could climb over the wall and get in. This time he was locked up by the Qian family. Xiao Qiqi was also a disdainful of him. He really had no access to information except us!" Said, the mobile phone rang, took a look, is Qian Jinghao's call. When I pressed the answer button, Qian Jinghao said angrily, "Xia Jue, what are you doing? Why don't you answer the phone?"! Linno's phone can't get through. I ran out of the house alone and didn't know where to go. I went to the imperial capital to see the old house of Qiqi's family. The messy grass was higher than me. I was scared to death. Speaking of the back, it was with a little taste of grievance. I could imagine his unhappy appearance across the phone. I managed to hold back a smile and said to him: "My mobile phone was broken once, and now I just got a new one. Don't worry, your Qiqi is all right. Now I'm going back to Nanshi." "Really?" Qian Jinghao's voice of joy suddenly came, and he was silent again and asked me, "Is there really a ghost in Qiqi's house?" I shrugged. "Didn't you see that before?"? But you're really lucky that the real body of the evil spirit has been moved to S city, otherwise you can go to Xiao Qiqi's old house just to be scared by ghosts! Qian Jinghao clapped his chest in fear and said, "Are you all right?" "Just lie down in the hospital. What's the matter?" "You're at S City Hospital?" "Yes," I stuffed a raisin into my mouth and raised my eyebrows. "Why, are you coming to see me?" "Cut, if you want to see me, you also want to see my Qiqi!" Then he hung up the phone. I glanced at the black screen and shook my head. Naughty kid. After throwing away my cell phone, I started a raisin eating war with Linor. In the middle of the night, I suddenly heard Qian Jinghao's voice. I was so scared that I opened my eyes and looked around, thinking that I was hearing voices. So he closed his eyes again. But the door creaked open. I stared at Qian Jinghao, who was carrying bags at the door. "Are you really here?" Qian Jinghao looked up at me and said, "I didn't come to see you specially, but I came to thank you because you told me the whereabouts of Qiqi!" With that, he looked at Mi Yuchen,indoor endless pool, who was sitting at the head of my bed, and Lin Nuo, who was sitting beside me brushing his mobile phone: "Can I come in?" I couldn't hold back and laughed.