Mortal Mortal

But since Thor ran away Lingmu also has no way, he is an instant move away,endless pool factory, Lingmu's dark flash is still cooling, there is no skill to catch up with him. So I can only turn around, there is a Melbourne here!.


Han Li spent a lot of effort, and finally refined all the thunder bamboo into a very pure liquid existence. Then after a short rest, he began to arrange a very complicated array in the secret room. Han Li did not know what the name of this law array was. I only know that this array is necessary for refining the "Green Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword", which is repeatedly mentioned in the refining method on the gold page. It can be seen that it is absolutely an important preparatory work. Therefore, although the method of arrangement is thoroughly familiar in Han Li's mind. It has even been tried several times before. At the moment, he is still very careful and dare not make the slightest mistake. After all, even if a rune is crossed at random, it is possible for him to have an unpredictable accident when refining the magic weapon. As a result, the law array in the case of Han Li trembling. It took half a month for the arrangement to be completed. After installing more than a dozen middle-order Lingshi to test it, he felt that the law array was indeed running normally, and then he was relieved. Then, Han Li did not immediately start refining the magic weapon, but temporarily out of the chamber of secrets. Half a year in a row of non-stop use of Dan fire, and the spirit is always in a high degree of concentration, even Han Li such a knot Dan period monks also feel too much, must be slightly adjusted. Because the following is the most critical step in refining the magic weapon. But once out of the Chamber of Secrets, Han Li. I didn't expect another surprise waiting for it. Those "gold-eating insects" finally began to devour each other again under his intermittent feeding with "neon grass". This makes Han Li overjoyed! Since the number of gold-eating insects has reached tens of thousands, it is really difficult for them to lay eggs and evolve again. Over the years, most of the green liquid has been used by Han Li to accelerate the ripening of Tianlei bamboo. It's even harder for the gold-eating bugs to change. However. After Lei bamboo ripened that day,Chinese spa manufacturer, Han Li immediately asked Quhun to re-strengthen their cultivation. After all, Han Li still has great expectations for these strange insects. After Han Liyi got this information from Qu Hun, he immediately went to the insect room. The golden spots on the shell of those gold-eating insects have occupied a small half of the surface of their bodies. It is estimated that the next generation they give birth to should be able to make the golden spots expand a little more. But after Han Li looked at it for a while, the joy on his face gradually disappeared and he frowned lightly. At this rate, all of these gold-eating bugs have evolved into gold, which is not very optimistic. Their numbers multiply several times each time they evolve. However, the amount of Neon grass that can be ripened by green liquid is really limited. It is impossible for thousands of gold-eating insects to evolve successfully at one time. If it goes on like this,hot tub manufacturers, the next evolution will not know how long it will be! Han Li fell into meditation outside the insect room. It seems that only a small number of them can be specially cultivated first. Otherwise, Han Li is suspicious. Is there still a chance to see the golden "gold-eating bug". Think so, Han Li immediately had a decision. However, all this can only be done after the gold-eating insects lay eggs. Now we can put it aside for a while, and it's better to concentrate on his magic weapon refining first. In this way, Han Li rested for a month in a row. Finally, an auspicious day of the zodiac was chosen. Then he burned incense and prayed in his bedroom for two days. Let the state of mind into the heart without waves of the realm, only to return to the chamber of secrets again. And stood in the middle of the law at the eye of the array. Han Li looked awestruck with a wave of his hands, dozens of jade boxes containing the liquid of thunder bamboo fell everywhere in the law array, and implied some kind of law arrangement. Then all kinds of other boxes and wooden boxes flew out of the storage bag one after another, all of which landed in front of Han Li and opened the lid by themselves, revealing all kinds of auxiliary materials that had already been processed. Han Li glanced at the material, took a deep breath, whirlpool hot tub ,outdoor endless pool, slowly sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and slowly entered meditation. After a meal, Han Li opened his eyes and a blue glow came out of his body. As soon as these rays appeared, they made the spirit stones inlaid on the law array shine brightly, and the whole law array ran in a low sound. Han Li body does not move, but ten fingers missile, a root spirit silk traction day thunder bamboo green liquid fly out from the box. In the array below, a series of "poof" and "poof" sounds sounded, and the thick light column of the bowl mouth shot out from everywhere, just covering the liquid inside, and making it impossible for them to move inside the light column. Seeing this, Han Li closed his eyes again and unhurriedly released the powerful divine consciousness, bringing all the light pillars under control. Suddenly, those light pillars, as if alive, began to flicker with changing colors. Strange scene appeared, those light pillars after I do not know how many times after the constant change, the color has gradually tended to be consistent. As a result, after the last discoloration, all the light pillars turned into a fiery red color fixed down, reflecting the green liquid wrapped in it more green to drop. Han Li's face was expressionless, his mouth opened, and a green Dan fire spurted out, just above one of the light pillars. The whole pillar of light burned fiercely and turned into a red pillar of fire in an instant. Han Li did not hesitate to spit out one after another, igniting all the pillars of light. Seventy-two pillars of fire, twenty feet high, shone with dazzling red light in the chamber of secrets. He sighed lightly! In terms of the power of the flame, Dan Fire is much stronger than this seemingly flashy pillar of fire, but unfortunately, the greater the power of the flame, the better the refining of flying swords. This made him have to fight for a moment of great loss of vitality, wasting so much Danli. After Han Li was a little depressed, the green liquid in the pillar of fire, under the manipulation of his divine consciousness and the power of the law array, began to slowly deform. Little by little, the round ball lengthened and flattened, and then the four or five inches long sword embryo gradually took shape. But to put it simply, in fact, after a day and a night of manipulation by Han Li, seventy-two green liquid flying swords officially appeared in each pillar of fire. Han Li breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, relaxed a little mentally, and then felt a dull pain in his head and smiled bitterly. At the same time,outdoor spa manufacturers, to manipulate the formation of seventy-two flying swords, even for Han Li's powerful divine consciousness, is also a very reluctant thing.