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Now that the area has been divided, let's go in and explore it first." They certainly won't say anything about the entanglement with another group of people in the Dragon and Tiger Team on the way.


T1000 in Meng Xiang's line of sight body constantly flashing white light, each flash, the human form on the recovery of a little, Meng Xiang has not fallen, T1000 has been restored to human form. Meng Xiang was surprised to see that the speed of the human form had increased to such an extent. However, if you think about it carefully, you will know that this is also reasonable. If the recovery speed of T1000 does not increase, then how can he pose a threat to the reincarnation? T1000 did not look at the flying Meng Xiang, but turned around and wriggled his body again. When Meng Xiang just stabilized his body, he had transformed into a leopard. Meng Xiang heard Tang Bixin mention that the leopard-shaped T1000 was as fast as a fighter plane. Meng Xiang also guessed the reason why the T1000 turned into a leopard, that is, to chase his companions who were far away. His battle with T1000 only took more than minutes. In the distance, the bus was still vivid. If his companions were caught up by such a strong T1000, Zhuo Luo would never be able to cope with it. Meng Xiang knew that the development of things had not allowed him to go on. At the first stage, the spirit gathered and broke out, which moved the power of the earth and made Meng Xiang incarnate as a God of war who ignored all forces. In Meng Xiang's eyes, the leopard-shaped T1000 was as clumsy as a puppy. When the T1000 had just taken a step in an attempt to chase the reincarnation, Meng Xiang had already arrived at supersonic speed. Even before the explosive sound of the earth torn apart by the energy overflow was transmitted, Meng Xiang's figure was already standing behind the T1000. Meng Xiang can't control the power of Lingju,Walking measuring wheel, so every move is shocking. Such momentum is naturally shocking. However, the uncontrollable power means that Meng Xiang can't control this self-created skill, which not only consumes energy, but also hurts his companions if he is not careful. In order not to bbō and his companions who were not far away, Meng Xiang decided. With a "whoosh", Meng Xiang grabbed the right limb of the leopard-shaped T1000 with one hand and threw it into the sky, throwing the T1000 100 meters high. T1000 is as docile as a kitten in front of Meng Xiang,Wheel tape measure, who launched the first stage of Lingju, and has no power to fight back. Die. Meng Xiang jumped to his feet and punched his right fist. The space trembled, and a bbō ripple spread outward like a bbōlàng in the lake. There was a huge explosion, and the whole space was shaking in midair, as if it was about to crack at any moment. How can T1000 withstand such a powerful energy, especially the extreme attack power, which is enough to disintegrate its liquid metal particles that can restore memory and decompose them into atomic level. With the force of one punch, the T1000 was blown into invisibility, and the scattered energy in midair with the energy of micro-attack moved, and even the white clouds in the sky were blown into nothingness. Inception chapter 592 nuclear attack. [] Updated: 20125269:20:51 Words in this Chapter: 4268 Chapter 592 nuclear attack. The T1000 was blasted into powder and even turned into atomic particles, but it did not mean that the crisis was over. ! Br/This chapter is brought to you by ! ] Meng Xiang could not feel the existence of T1000 by his subtle observation, which made Meng Xiang very uneasy. The unknown lurking is the most frightening. After confronting T1000, Meng Xiang understood the strength of the enemy, Adhesive fish ruler ,tape measure clip, and no one in the unknown team could resist the attack of T1000 except himself. Where's the T1000? After the energy impact spreads, the breeze blows gently, which makes people feel more comfortable. If The T1000, which turns into particles, flies to the distance, gets rid of itself, and then regenerates to condense and chase his sniper companions. Isn't that terrible? Meng Xiang's heart "Porphyry" to beat non-stop, this incredible thing, in this completely illogical horror film, may appear. Once again, Meng Xiang, like a machine, chased his companions in the direction of their departure. His supersonic flying speed was incomparable. Despite the loss of energy, Meng Xiang had to try his best to catch up with his companions. Los Angeles metropolis is close at hand, and on the side of the highway, a bus is running at high speed, that is the bus loaded with reincarnation, Meng Xiang just breathed a long sigh of relief. Now that the T1000 has been broken up, we will no longer be entangled with it. What's more, Meng Xiang launched the first stage of Lingju to fight with T1000. After a few seconds of flying, the holy spirit of Lingguang has lost a lot. This is a protracted war. In the remaining 20 hours, we will continue to face the challenge of T1000. A victory or defeat does not mean anything, so Meng Xiang will no longer let X xìng. Fly directly to the top of the bus, and then climb back to the bus. The companions looked at Meng Xiang's eyes, and they all looked up to him. Brother Xiang, you are so strong. Gu Panpan lay on the seat, with admiration and jealousy on her face. Unfortunately, the gunshot wound on her body was not completely healed. She dared not move, otherwise she would surely swoop over and hold Meng Xiang in her arms, shouting and jumping. In fact, now on the bus, only Meng Xiang, Zhuo Luo, Tang Bixin and Fang Ru can walk, and Fang Ru must always protect John, so Meng Xiang, Zhuo Luo, Tang Bixin is the key to the unknown team to complete the task. "What's the use of being strong? I can't give T1000 a fatal blow all the time. It seems that I have to continue to practice." Meng Xiang said with a wry smile that he swallowed several military grain pills and then sat down beside his companion to rest. Breakthrough is only a matter of time. Is T1000 blown into powder by you again? Han Fan smiled in a low voice. That's right. Let's take the opportunity to drive to the distance quickly. Before the sāo movement, I believe the American team will come to intercept us soon. Meng Xiang rested his hands on his back and closed his eyes. He was not resting, but reflecting on the battle just now and absorbing the experience of the battle. Meng Xiang now has no time to break through to the depth of micro level and master the power of atomic level attack. Let's stay away from the metropolis, Tang Bixin, find a chance to change a car, and then drive to the remote suburbs. As soon as Fang Julue pondered,Fiberglass tape measure, he issued the order. Changing cars is naturally to avoid the pursuit of the American team, while going to the suburbs, you can avoid the T1000.