Doomsday Woman with Sweet Pet Daily [Wear Book] --Pomelo Tea Seven

Now that the area has been divided, let's go in and explore it first." They certainly won't say anything about the entanglement with another group of people in the Dragon and Tiger Team on the way.


In the end, Lin Yang was quick-witted and stood up before the person on the opposite side noticed something was wrong. "Yes," he said without changing his face. We are also here to do this task. I didn't expect you to be on a mission with us. The team that takes over the same task may not all know each other. So whatever this mission is, just say yes. Because of the episode on the road just now, Lin Yang now has no good feelings for the people of the Dragon and Tiger Team, so he has no sense of guilt to fool them. This group of people volunteered to find a reason for them, which saved them from explaining why more than a dozen of them appeared at the door of the food processing plant. The matter of putting materials into space can not be exposed. But if there is no other reason, it is also a very suspicious thing to suddenly appear here. As for the factory mission mentioned by the Dragon and Tiger Team, if they believe it, they will believe it. If they don't, the worst that can happen is a fight. The people of the dawn team didn't really think much about the situation that there would be other people before they came. In places like large food processing plants, even if Base 3 wants to swallow all the substances inside, it is necessary to consider whether they have the ability to do so. Because even if they have enough manpower and strength to break into the factory, kill hundreds of thousands of zombies inside, but also consider whether they can transport so many supplies back at one time. If other materials are good, many of the food processing plants are refrigerated food,Diameter tape measure, and there is not so much manpower and material resources in the base to build and maintain a cold storage that can put down so many materials. The only thing that can do this is the space power. The space has its own refrigeration effect, which saves energy, environmental protection and electricity. You don't have to send a lot of people at once. But as far as they know, there is no space power in base three at present. Now that you've taken over the task, let's divide the area and search separately. Zeng Yi was also surprised that this "unknown" team would take over the task. He had never seen the team at the base, and he was afraid that they were new,Pi tape measure, and he was a little worried about the strength of these people. However, the contribution points of the task of exploring the factory are not enough to risk their lives, otherwise they would not be hanging in the task center for a week without a team to take over the task. And the base had an example of blood and tears, in the past, there was a team that was not strong enough but still wanted to swallow all the contribution points of a task, forced to do that task, and finally the whole team died. Since then, no team will take on a task that is obviously not in line with the strength of its own team. Since this team dares to take over, it must have thought about this problem. Can you tell me how to divide the area? "You go east, we go west.". Then meet at the gate of the food processing plant before dark and report the intelligence to the base. The total area of this food processing plant is very large, and even this time it takes a lot of time and effort to explore only a few refrigerators in front of it. Not to mention getting out of here before it gets dark. Ceng Yiyuan thought that their team could not finish exploring in half a day, but they were the only team to take over the task, cattle weight tape ,Fish measuring board, so they could only come a few more times. Fortunately, now there is another team, although the number is not large, but it can also help them share some of the pressure. If it goes well, we should be able to get a clear idea of the first half of the factory in one day. In the past, Zeng Yi was not keen on cooperating with other teams. He felt that with the strength of their team, one team could complete the task. There is no need to cooperate with others and distribute the contribution points to other teams. But since the supermarket met with Waterloo, Zeng Yi also saw a fact clearly. With the strength of their team, many things can not be done. That's why he took the initiative to cooperate with the team this time. In the past, Zeng Yi would directly open his mouth to let the team go back, and would not let them interfere in the task. Lin Yang saw that they believed it and did not ask any more questions. After taking a look at Gu Ge, he said, "We all have no problem." He has seen the plan of the factory. The factory is an asymmetrical structure, with a larger area in the west than in the east. There are two cold storages in the west. There is only one cold storage in the east. There is also a row of warehouses in the middle of the factory, where there are goods that have been processed, can be stored at room temperature, and will be shipped out recently. From the mouth of the Dragon and Tiger Team, the people of the Dawn Team learned that the so-called factory task was actually to explore the three small refrigerators near the gate. It seems that the No.3 base has also begun to focus on this food processing plant. Also, as the largest food processing plant in B city, there are many materials in this factory. Enough to sustain a base of a few thousand men for a good while, if it's all still available. However, the cold storage needs electricity to maintain, and now the city has been without electricity for a long time, how long the things in the cold storage can be preserved is still unknown. Before busy building the base, there are other more important things to do, the base is too late to focus on this, now empty, must be the first time to think of the materials in this food processing plant. Make use of all the materials that can be used. By the way, did your team see our other team when they drove here? The people of the Dragon and Tiger Team thought that these people were also coming out of the base, and maybe they would meet two vice-captains, so they asked. Lin Yang narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, "If you ask like this, we really remember that we saw a group of people coming with us on the way.". But unfortunately, their car had a flat tire on the way, and they had to go back to another car to continue. At this rate, it should take a while to get here. The people of the Dragon and Tiger Team were slightly surprised. They guessed that the team led by the two vice-captains met zombies on the road, but they did not expect a flat tire. Lin Yang thought that their team had to go to collect supplies. Seeing that they had no other meaning,horse weight tape, he opened his mouth and said, "Now that the area has been divided, let's go in and explore it first." They certainly won't say anything about the entanglement with another group of people in the Dragon and Tiger Team on the way.