Burning love and official career

In a twinkling of an eye,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, a full half month passed. On this day, the colorful light outside his body and the golden divine light interweave and merge, and the breath and Tao are strong to a peak.


Children's words, but the most lethal, can reach the most fragile soul, Nini such a simple sentence, but all of a sudden poked the fatal weakness of human nature, so that the three adults in the room, including Zhao Desan, were silent at the same time, especially Zhao Desan, heard Nini say such sensible words, the heart is very sad, if he had such a sensible daughter, He will certainly devote all his life to the healthy growth of her. Seeing that all three of them were somewhat moved, Zhao Da, who had been honed by a miserable life, soon returned to normal. He changed the subject to distract Zhao Desan's attention and asked, "Xiao Zhao, how is your sister-in-law's affairs going?"? Is there a landing? "To tell you the truth, I have found several leaders to reflect the situation, and now the progress is quite smooth. The leader said that he would hold a team meeting to discuss and try to arrange his sister-in-law to the Construction Committee to replace your original work." Zhao Desan did not mention a word in front of Zhao Da that he had arranged for Zheng Jie to find Zheng Bald Donkey, but took all the credit on his own head,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, so that Zhao Da could understand that he had not pushed his daughter-in-law into his arms in vain, and that he was not a person without merit, since he had agreed to his conditions, he would help him to do things. Hearing Zhao Desan say that things were about to be done, Zhao Da smiled excitedly and said, "That's good, that's good. Oh, thank you so much,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, Xiao Zhao." Who would have thought that when Zhao Da spoke, Zhao Desan's eyes had already been attracted by the shade of Zheng Jie, who was busy in the kitchen. The waist, the buttocks that looked round and tight under the pajamas, and the sexy underpants and bra that were hidden under the pajamas, made Zhao Desan's eyes shine and salivate. When Zhao Da spoke, he saw that Zhao Desan had not answered himself, and looked at him, only to find that Zhao Desan was staring at his daughter-in-law's pretty back, not to mention him. Take himself for example, after six or seven years of marriage, it was rare to see Zheng Jie wearing such a sexy look at home, the back of his pouting buttocks when he took a bath on the pool, and the back. Wrapped in his pajamas, 304 stainless steel wire ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, his buttocks were round and high, and even he almost swallowed a mouthful of saliva. It was a pity that looking at such a beautiful and hot daughter-in-law, he was not only willing but unable to lift and not hard. What was more tragic was that he was sitting in a wheelchair now, even if he wanted to do it, he could not do it. However, as a man, his daughter-in-law could attract the favor of his male compatriots. Zhao Da still felt very proud, so he pushed the wheelchair in front of the stunned Zhao Desan and asked with a ghost smile, "Xiao Zhao, how's it going?"? I'm not bragging. Look at your sister-in-law's figure. She's protruding forward and backward. She should be big and small. Do you admit that? nbs Zhao Desan, who was staring at Zheng Jie's round and high buttocks in a daze, was suddenly approached by Zhao Da and said so. Leng Buding was startled by him. He turned his head and wiped the saliva from the corners of his mouth. He was a little embarrassed and asked, "Brother Zhao, what did you say?"? I didn't hear you. Zhao Da squinted once again at the back of Zheng Jie, who was busy in the kitchen. He looked at Zhao Desan with strange eyes and a furtive smile at the corners of his mouth. He said, "Your sister-in-law has a good figure. Do you admit that?" "Admit, absolutely admit." Zhao Desan laughed and said that when he saw that Zhao Daneng was so open, he also let go of his heart. "Who cares?" Your sister-in-law's figure is different from other women who have a good figure. Do you think Zheng Ru's figure is also good? In fact, too thin, your sister-in-law's figure is a little plump, a little fleshy, comfortable in bed, there is a feeling, which you must know better than I do? Zhao Da asked with a smile. Brother Zhao, do you really have any research on this? Zhao Desan saw that Zhao Da had taken these things seriously, so he said jokingly. It's not a study. It's a fact. Women who are thin and don't pull a few bones on the bed still need to bring some meat to make them soft and comfortable. And women who are a little fat are good at taking the initiative on the bed. Zhao Da whispered to Zhao Desan to impart experience, although he himself had been on Zheng Jie such a woman in his life, but Zhao Da's research on women is more thorough. My God! This guy knows too much! Zhao Desanxin said that although he understood all the experiences taught by Zhao Da, he still pretended to be very modest and nodded to listen to his experience. While nodding, he jokingly said to him: "Brother Zhao, it seems that you have a lot of experience. Did you get a lot of women to sum up the truth?" Volume 1 Chapter 820 In the Grove Verse 833 Chapter 820 In the Grove "No, no, no, from a book, from a book." Zhao Da immediately denied it, and then took another look at Zheng Jie, who was wearing pajamas, bras and underpants in the kitchen. Then he whispered to Zhao Desan: "How about taking your sister-in-law to talk about her work tonight?" "I can't tonight. I have something to do tonight. I have to go after dinner at your house." Zhao Desan refused, after all, Zheng Jie is Zhao Da's wife, even if he likes to be with her again, it is impossible to really ignore everything and be with her, play to play, but can not delay the business, and women play every day once the loss of novelty is tired, so like Zheng Jie so charming little young woman, he would rather resist the impulse of youth. It's enough to *** to her once a week. Look at you,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, your sister-in-law is wearing so sexy today. She has never worn it in front of me. You are so eye-catching today. Why don't you seize the opportunity? Zhao Da glanced at him and thought he didn't seize the opportunity. "Brother Zhao, look at you, how can you push your wife into someone else's arms like this?" Zhao Desan glanced at him and said in an educational tone. sxthsteel.com