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Old Mrs. Jane pointed at the little rabbit and was too angry to speak.


Father Lin and the people next to him all laughed. "Baby, I haven't learned yet. I'm sure I can't.". Wait for the baby to learn, you will. Lin Wei was still sobbing. She wiped her face with her sleeve. "How much is 3 X 24?" "Equal to 72." Lin Wei got the answer and ran back to find the little boy. The little boy sat under a tree in the yard. Brother, I know the answer. It's 72. The little boy looked up at her and hit the nail on the head. "Ask someone else." Lin Wei bit her lip, "Dad said I haven't learned it yet, and I'll learn it when I learn it.". Brother, why don't you take a test that I have learned? The little boy didn't make a sound. Lin Wei moved over carefully, "Brother, what's your name? My name is Lin Wei. My father and mother said, you are my fiance. What is your fiance?" "Lan Ziqing." The little boy still has that cool expression. Brother Ziqing. Lin Wei called out cleverly, "you haven't answered what my fiance is?" Lan Ziqing thought about it and frightened Lin Wei, "your fiance will eat you later." Lin Wei's face changed as expected, "is Ziqing brother going to eat me?"? But I don't taste good. I don't have much meat. Why don't I get fat and your brother will eat me again? Lan Ziqing: ".." It was the first time that Lan Ziqing and Lin Wei met. After that, Lin Wei often saw Lan Ziqing, at home, at school. However, because of the bluff of Lan Ziqing, Lin Wei was afraid that when she grew up, Lan Ziqing would eat herself and make trouble not to be Lan Ziqing's fiancee. After listening to Lin Wei's reasons, Lin and his wife did not know whether to laugh or cry, and explained to her what a fiancee was. Lin's mother told her that only an excellent girl could be Lan Ziqing's fiancee. Lin Wei likes Lan Ziqing, because he looks better than other little brothers, so Lin Wei works very hard, her academic performance is always the first in the grade, and she has won a lot of prizes in various competitions. But Lan Ziqing has not been very fond of talking to her, which makes Lin Wei very depressed. But Lin Wei kept brushing the sense of existence in front of Lan Ziqing. Until Lan Ziqing transferred to another school. When Lan Ziqing transferred to another school, she could only see him during the Spring Festival or holidays every year. With the growth of age,calcium ammonium nitrate price, Lin Wei's feelings are also changing, but she knows that she likes Lan Ziqing and will not change. But Lan Ziqing always ignored her, and he didn't like to say that she was his fiancee. Lin Wei sometimes wants to give up, but when she thinks that she likes it for so many years, she doesn't get an answer from Lan Ziqing, she loses a lot, so she sticks to it again. After graduation, Lin Wei packed her bags and rushed to the city where Lan Ziqing lived without hesitation. Stay shamelessly, but there is no progress. Lan Ziqing still had the same attitude towards her as when she was a child. Lin Wei tried all the scenes on TV, but she almost committed suicide by learning from Jiang Wang. Jiang Wang put all his eggs in one basket and forced Mingshu to come. But she didn't know what Lan Ziqing was thinking. She didn't dare to try. She was afraid that Lan Ziqing would drive her away. Lan Ziqing treats his friends better than her. She had to suspect that Lan Ziqing really liked men. Lin Wei sat on the street in Thailand and sighed. Looking back on so many years of love, her heart will still beat, but she is really tired. If Lan Ziqing hasn't looked for her this time. Then she should give up. Lin Wei made a decision from the bottom of her heart, got up and patted her skirt, and a couple next to her suddenly came forward. Girl, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, can you take a picture for us? "Good." Lin Wei took the camera from their hands. When the couple posed, Lin Wei focused the camera on them. Smile, come closer. Lin Wei suddenly deflected the lens to the side, and the figure that appeared inside made her heart beat faster. She quickly pressed the shutter button, the couple smiled happily, and the man behind looked coldly at this side. Just like that little boy. Lin Wei returned the camera to the couple and ran towards the man over there. Lan Ziqing opened his hands to catch her for the first time. Brother Ziqing. Lan Ziqing rubbed his big hand on Lin Wei's head twice, "not to say that the doctor is not staying in the hospital now?" Lin Wei did not hesitate, "Ziqing brother likes men, I will do it." Lan Ziqing choked. He hugged Lin Wei and sighed, "Lin Wei, I like you." I only like you. Lin Wei jumped away in amazement, "Brother Ziqing." Are you confessing to me? Lan Ziqing covered his chin, which was hurt by the bump, and his heart was very helpless. He did not hint at Lin Wei, but she was always surprised, every time he wanted to say, Lin Wei topic jumped, he was so angry that he did not want to say. Ah, ah, ah! Lin Wei rushed over again, the whole person is hanging on Lan Ziqing, "Ziqing brother I also like you, I like Ziqing brother best, I will always like Ziqing brother." The couple in the back focused the camera on them and left a picture. When they left, the couple gave them the photos. In the photo, the man's expression is cold, but his eyes are soft, holding the little girl on his body for fear that she will fall down. From the age of five to the rest of her life, he was all her life. Lin Wei Chapter 318 good daily life (1). # Jianghu Headline: Mu Ling starts teaching when he doesn't agree with each other # "Is the religious leader all right?" "The Dharma Protector said it was all right." It should be all right. "The religious leader is so powerful. How can anything happen? Don't talk nonsense." "It's mainly an accident. Are we going to pack up our things and run away?" "That's not good, the religious leader hasn't." The voice outside the door sounded intermittently, Mingshu stared at the bed curtain, outside the goblin said what ghost? The body is a little heavy, breathing is not smooth, Mingshu does not feel very good, this body should have been injured. Mingshu took a deep breath and accepted the plot first. This is a martial arts world, the pseudo-heroine is Nie Shuang, the eldest lady of Banyue Villa, who wears books. In the book, Nie Shuang is extremely desperate, framing the woman, kidnapping the woman, torturing the woman. In short, Nie Shuang has done all the things that the vicious woman has done. In the end, the end is not very good,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and the family is broken. Nie Shuang, like all those who wear books, threatened to avenge the original Nie Shuang and live a wonderful life. stargrace-magnesite.com