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Give the former uncle Chongxi

She hadn't even thought about whether the little guy in her belly was one or two, a girl or a young man


"All right.". Xinglan, sleep for a while. Gu Jianli put away the red rope in his hand and got up with the help of Ji Xia. She watched Ji Xinglan climb into bed. She looked down at Ji Xinglou and said, "Xinglou, don't bother my sister to sleep.". If you're sleepy, get some sleep. "Cut, you're in charge!" Ji Xing turned his head. Gu Jianli knew that Ji Xinglou was very concerned about Ji Xinglan, and she smiled and touched Ji Xinglou's little face before she let Ji Xia help her leave. When the door closed, Ji Xinglan lifted the quilt, climbed down from the bed, twisted his little body and ran to Ji Xinglan to pull his brother's hand. "My brother will play with me," he said. Ji Xinglou opened his eyes wide in surprise and asked, "Did you lie to her?" Ji Xinglan hurriedly covered his mouth with his little hand and lowered his voice, saying, "Adults don't like to play with children.". She was just thinking about something, and she was distracted! She must be so boring. "Well, Lan Lan plays with her brother and lets her do what she likes!" Ji Xinglou looked at the colorful hand bow that was stuffed into his sister's hand and twisted his eyebrows, and he wanted to say that he didn't like to play with it either. When Gu Jianli learned that Chen He had gone,Wall Penstocks, he went to look for Ji Wujing. "Fifth Master, the Star Leak was beaten and whipped in front of many servants." Gu Jianli filed a complaint. Ji Wujing said "Oh" at random. Ji Wujing's indifferent attitude made Gu Jianli a little angry. She sat silent and silent, looking down at the corner of her skirt. For a long time, Ji Wujing lifted his eyelids to look at her and said to Ji Xia, "Tell me what happened." “…… And then we came back. Ji Xia gave full play to his eloquence and said everything in detail, even what everyone said,fine bubble diffuser, every expression and look was in place. Ji Wujing smiled and asked, "What's your name again?" Ji Xia was stupefied for a moment. He took a quick look at Gu Jianli and said, "Stupid maidservant Ji Xia." "If you set up a circus show, you must earn more than your master gives you." Ji Wujing said in an unknown tone. I dare not. Ji Xia was so frightened that he quickly knelt down and lowered his head. Gu Jianli glanced at Ji Wujing's expression and said as if nothing had happened, "Ji Xia, go to the kitchen." "Yes!" Ji Xia, as if granted amnesty, hurriedly bent over and retreated. Fifth Master, Star Leak. Ji Wujing suddenly opened his mouth: "The wheelchair was pushed to the threshold and stopped. I helped my wife up and helped her into the house. The old lady gave me a seat. My wife sat down.." Gu Jianli was confused at first, but later he realized that Ji Wujing was repeating what Ji Xia had just said. What's the matter? Gu Jianli asked doubtfully. Just as Changsheng was passing by, Ji Wujing pointed to him and said, "Go and tear down all the doorsteps in the mansion." "Huh?" Changsheng was stunned for a moment and immediately turned around and walked away. There is no need for a reason, wall penstocks ,disc air diffuser, as long as Ji Wujing's order, it will be over. Fifth Master! Gu Jianli stood up and her left foot fell to the ground so painful that she gasped. This made Gu Jianli use crutches and wheelchairs for the next month and did not dare to try to practice walking. Spring is warm and flowers are blooming. Gu Jianli sits in front of the window and looks enviously at Ji Xinglan bouncing in the yard through the window. Ji Wujing stood behind her and said, "Be careful of your legs if you don't practice walking." "What do you mean?" Gu Jianli turned his head and looked up at him. Cripple. Gu Jianli was startled and his face turned white. She paused, as if to comfort herself: "No …" "Get up." Ji Wujing pinched her shoulder and lifted her out of the chair. Gu Jianli stood in front of him, almost supported by his right foot. Ji Wujing stepped back and said, "Come here, or you will be spanked.". Pull down your pants and fight. Gu Jianli twisted his eyebrows. She tried to step out of her left foot, but still did not dare to step hard, and drew back. She looked at Ji Wujing and whispered, "Wait a little longer. How can I fall down?" "It's normal to fall several times." Ji Wujing said. That's no good! Gu Jianli said hurriedly, "What if the fetal gas moves?" "What?" Ji Wujing was stunned. Gu Jianli blushed: "I, I haven't been here for two months. Maybe I'm pregnant.." The author has something to say: a face of confusion. Mirror:?? · More than 25 red envelopes dropped ~ Chapter 80, Chapter 080 Chapter 80 Gu Jianli's voice was getting lower and lower, and it was almost inaudible at the end. She lowered her head and pinched the corner of her clothes awkwardly, feeling embarrassed to say that she had not come to the moon for two months. Ji Wujing was silent for a long time and finally asked, "Have you asked the doctor to diagnose it?" "Not yet, not yet." Gu Jianli heard his voice trembling. But why tremble and fear? She didn't do anything wrong. She looks so guilty, if let Ji Wujing misunderstand that she is pregnant with someone else's child can be big bad! Gu Jianli summoned up the courage to raise his head, slightly raised his small chin, looked at Ji Wujing, tried to restrain the tremor in his voice, and said in an ordinary tone: "I think it's still early, so I didn't ask for a doctor.". If there's nothing coming next month, please. Obviously, the tone in front of him remained ordinary, but in the end, probably because he relaxed his vigilance, the last word "please" turned into "quite". Very not easy to hold the expression suddenly some collapse, Gu Jianli quietly bite the lip, embarrassed to move away the eyes. Ji Wujing stood in place, always lazy, he rarely stood straight. He looked at Gu Jianli with a slightly complicated look, and then walked towards Gu Jianli step by step. He sat down in the chair, took Gu Jianli's hand, and pulled her to sit on his lap. Ji Wujing asked, "Do you feel anything?"? Have you ever felt fetal movement? Gu Jianli turned his face sideways and looked at Ji Wujing in surprise. "How can you move after only two months?" He said. Ji Wujing nodded. Oh, I knew that. Ji Wujing looked at Gu Jianli's clear and moving eyes. Suddenly, he became interested and asked,disc air diffuser, "Gu Jianli, do you want a pair of twins?" "Twins?" Gu Jianli hasn't thought about this yet. She hadn't even thought about whether the little guy in her belly was one or two, a girl or a young man.