I'd much rather have to have a unique set of game rules

I'd much rather have to have a unique set of game rules


This is a reversal of Buy RuneScape Gold primary goal of the lawless zone. It is time to consider whether we can get a new redesigned wilderness, either the one we see in BH Worlds or the one we have now. This raises another issue, current activities in the wilderness that were not present prior to. Should you stay or go? What impact could this impact?

Personally, I'm willing to move all minigames (Clan Wars and FOG, securing Deamonhiem), to different locations. But the three quests are where things get tricky. Defender of Varrock, as well as the Summer questline both have significant portions that are in the wild. I believe that if the quests are to remain, it is best to instill the entire quest. What does this mean? When you reach the point of beginning your quest or enter he wilderness as part of he defense of varrack tale, you are completely on your own with no player interaction. This could alter the quest slightly, but it won't alter the quest in any way.

I believe Green Dragons, armoured Zombies, Chaos Ele and the like should all stay the same. The most effective training location in the game is a little dangerous! However the Corporeal beast is a fascinating aspect, and I'm sure it's enjoyable to send runners crashing into the cave, the boss's mechanic is unique in RS because you'll be banking a number of times because of the extremely risky nature. If the entrance were moved nearer the border of the wildy, it might prove more attractive since it's currently beyond level 20, which is the tele cut off point.

Summoning also presents a challenge and I'd much rather have to have a unique set of game rules and lending could be easily solved by not allowing lent weapons in the wild, summoning combat level will need to change. It is a good idea to have the ability to drop all at once, as with the rest of RS. The limitation on pouches is strange in the world of pvp. It is impossible to find an answer, therefore I recommend that you leave it as "pouchin invent RS Gold 2007 combat is a step up".